The Latest PurgeGate Document Dump

McClatchy newspapers has posted yesterday's document dump in the U.S. Attorney firing scandal.

The problem for Alberto Gonzales in a nutshell:

The e-mails, delivered to Congress Friday night, show that Gonzales attended an hourlong meeting on the firings on Nov. 27, 2006 - 10 days before seven U.S. attorneys were told to resign. The attorney general's participation in the session calls into question his assertion that he was essentially in the dark about the firings.

At a news conference last week, Gonzales said....
"We never had a discussion about where things stood," Gonzales said on March 13. "What I knew was that there was an ongoing effort that was led by Mr. Sampson ... to ascertain where we could make improvements in U.S. attorney performances around the country."

Also check out the LA Times:

More below, including the 16 day e-mail gap and DOJ lawyer Monica Goodling goes on personal leave.

The documents also helped fill what some bloggers and Democratic congressional staffers portrayed as a mysterious gap in the 3,000 pages released to the public last week. The Nov. 27 meeting fell squarely in the middle of a period between Nov. 16 and Dec. 5 in which few if any documents were disclosed. The Justice Department said the belated disclosures reflected the sheer volume of material involved and the time-consuming business of producing it all. The documents also offered new insight into how the White House anticipated a backlash from the firings, and the hope of one Justice Department official that the prosecutors might leave quietly.

And Monica Goodling, counsel to Gonzales and the department liaison to the White House, has taken a personal leave of absence from the Department.

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