Kyle Sampson Now Tries to Spread the Blame

When Kyle Sampson, Alberto Gonzales' Chief of Staff, resigned Monday in PurgeGate, Gonzales and others said it was because he didn't share the extent of his discussions about firing U.S. Attorneys with the DOJ officials who were tasked with providing information about the firings to Congress.

Now, Sampson has lawyered up and is changing his tune. His lawyer has issued a press statement.

"The fact that the White House and Justice Department had been discussing the subject for several years was well-known to a number of other senior officials at the department, including others who were involved in preparing the department's testimony to Congress," according to the statement by Sampson's lawyer, Bradford A. Berenson.

But, he's also playing both ends against the middle. His statement also says he resigned because he failed his boss.

"He felt he had let the attorney general down in failing to . . . organize a more effective political response to the unfounded accusations of impropriety in the replacement process."

Sounds to me like Mr. Sampson is most concerned about his employability after this fiasco.

Looks like it worked too. Think Progress reports Sampson hasn't left the White House and Gonzales has given him a new office in another part of the Justice Department.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales planned to install his former aide Kyle Sampson as a lawyer in the Justice Department’s environment division even after Sampson’s “resignation,” NPR reported today.
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    In the words of Micheal Ray Richardson (none / 0) (#1)
    by Big Tent Democrat on Fri Mar 16, 2007 at 11:58:02 PM EST
    The ship be sinking.

    My corollary, the rats be jumping.