Guantanamo Detainee Dies of Cancer

Abdul Razzak,a 68 year old Afghan detainee at Guantanamo, has died of colorectal cancer. He was undergoing chemotherapy.

Razzak is the only detainee to die of natural causes -- the other four deaths were suicides.

Razzak was diagnosed in September, and began receiving chemo in October. The Pentagon insists he's a jihadist. From AFP News:

U.S. authorities alleged that Razzak conducted an escort mission for Osama bin Laden and was involved in attempts to assassinate Afghan officials. He denied the accusations.

Here's the summary of evidence against him from his Classified Review Hearing (pdf.) He said he worked with American intelligence, safeguarded the officers, stood guard over them and escorted them "all over the mountains." He wanted to help them with security.

He also said he was a nurse and worked at a hospital for two years, getting the assignment from the Red Cross. He also worked in security for the Afghan government. He told the hearing officers the Taliban had been brutal to him. They jailed him three times. He said he opposes the Taliban and those responsible for September 11. The hearing officers said he was cooperative and educated.

Razzak insisted he was framed by a man named Pasha Khan, and that Khan's nephew, Jan Baz turned him in for a reward.

The hearing officers thought he was being repetitive in his comments. That's what people do when they think they're innocent and no one's listening, they repeat themselves. A quick review of the transcript shows him to be very intent on clearing himself. Now, he'll never get the chance.

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