Thursday Open Thread

I don't know where the week flew away to, it just did. I've got more jail visits this morning and afternoon, and since we can't use phones or internet once inside, it will be dinnertime before I get back to a computer.

I hope Donald Trump implodes and says some more ridiculous things. I'm really looking forward to never seeing his face on TV again.

When I get some time, I'd like to figure out what's happening with El Chapo and ISIS. If I do, I'll write it up soon.

Chema Venegas -- the thorn in the side of Lord of the Skies -- gets his own show on Telemundo around January. It's now filming. I'll be so glad when the cop shows like Narcos and Bloque del Busqada are done. El Principe was the best series I've seen all year. Even the cops and drug dealers were good guys (but not the crooked Intelligence agents (think equivalent of our CIA). Sad though that all the good people died at the end -- In Principe, there is only salt water -- tears of the sea.

It's still airing on Unimas on Demand and Hulu with subtitles if you missed it.

Other than that, I only watch James Corden and Action Bronson (F*ck That's Delicious) these days. James remains the happiest guy on TV I get happy just watching him. I wasn't wild about Lady Gag's carpool karaoke, but I did like seeing her spend the hour in the band pit with Reggie Watts. That was a good place for her. She tried to do the monologue for James, but it fell flat. [More...]

If I really hated both candidates, which I don't, the name I'd write in for President would be James Corden. I probably wouddn't be the only one to write him in (He's ineligible because he's British.)

Action, is kind of like James, in that food makes him happier than a little kid in a candy store. The way he reacts when he eats something really good makes the whole show worthwhile. I don't watch much of Anthony Buain because he reminds me of somone who stuck in a 1980;s heroin trip. He's such a downer. I never stay awake throogh the whole show. And I think it's odd the way he eats alone so much on the show. He just seems to have a very sad existence. I hope I'm wrong. Even Andre Zimmerm has more of a personality -- and much less pretend testosterone. This is an open thread, all topiis welcome.

If you have on Demand or you tube, he did a funny monologue the night of the last debate about how much more exciting Hawaii 5-0 was than the debate. I had the episode he was talking about on my TV and he was right -- it was an unusually well done episode with twists and turns. and not much sappiness, which was starting to become the show's hallmark for a while, causing me to stop watching.

Your turn. What's on your mind today? It doesn't have to the news.

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