Judith Regan Tells Her Side

Former Regan Books (Harper Collins) chief and Bernie Kerik paramour Judith Regan tells her side of the story of her firing by Harper Collins and News Corp in Bazaar (full article here.)

While she doesn't address her lawsuit against News Corp, there's plenty there that shows how her life tumbled after her firing.

For a look back to what she said at the time about her OJ book, check out Why I Did It.

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    it is common to start w/ "I'm sorry" (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by seabos84 on Mon Nov 26, 2007 at 10:38:51 PM EST
    for the kinds of things I'm going to say, but

    I'm not going to start with "I'm sorry", cuz, I ain't.

    one reason princesses and their dark lords live so well is cuz millions of us under 50 grand a year peeeee-ons pick up and clean up and wipe up after these princesses and dark lords to they can live like princesses adn lords.

    another reason they live so well is cuz since they don't a real job, they get to spend all their time making sure we stay in our places and don't revolt and chuck 'em over the castle walls.

    so some little princess and her dark lord got caught with their hands in the cookie jars and got chucked over the castle walls by some of the other princesses and dark lords ...

    like I give a flying #$^% ?

    the magizine cover should be "Bizarre",

    like it is bizarre that so many serfs would care?

    she should get a useful job.


    p.s. if I'm too uneducated, uncomplicated and  unwashed for the grand thoughts and the grand thinkers of blogotopia, please read The Prince, 1984, Julius Ceasar, Richard III, Lear ... then come back with your grand degrees and insult away!

    "Self-indulgent, overly self-involved (none / 0) (#2)
    by scribe on Tue Nov 27, 2007 at 10:31:03 AM EST
    train wreck" is all the images tell me I'll find if I try to read more than the bits of the story I gagged down.

    That said, it doesn't mean (A) what she says isn't true, (B) she shouldn't be heard, (C) she doesn't have a valid lawsuit, (D) we shouldn't listen (because the more she says, the worse for Rudy Cue Ball), and/or (D) she, Rudy, Kerik, Murdoch and Ailes don't deserve each other.

    In the 70 or so years on either side of 1900, there were promoters who would stage literal train wrecks (sans passengers) as attractions at state and county fairs and the like, using old locomotives and purpose-built tracks.  This will be a modern version of that, and even more entertaining.