Mukasey's Written Answers to the Senate

Alliance for Justice has an analysis up (pdf) of Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey's written answers to the questions posed by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It includes the question, answer and AFJ's analysis.

Colorado Senator Ken Salazar said yesterday he might oppose Mukasey. Details on that here.

Crooks and Liars says Bush is playing the 9/11 card to force the Mukasey nomination and provides the video of Bush's latest comments.

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    Even more (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by RedHead on Thu Nov 01, 2007 at 06:23:41 PM EST
    Today is 9/11 day.

    Tomorrow will be General Petraeus day.

    Saturday will be "Do it for the children" day.

    And on Sunday he will reveal Jesus's endorsement.

    When is Bush going to pardon Yukio Asano? (5.00 / 1) (#3)
    by Molly Bloom on Fri Nov 02, 2007 at 08:29:07 AM EST
    Yukio Asano was convicted of water boarding and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in 1947. Apparently it was all a mistake. He's already done his 15 years, so we will have to compensate Yukio some other way. A late pardon is the least we can do!

    It was all a miscarriage of justice!

    American prisoner Woodall ...had stolen a shirt from the Japanese..was stretched and tied on a hospital stretcher and severely beaten. He was turned upside down and water poured up his nose and beaten into unconsciousness. The treatment lasted for about four hours. ...William Cash...WAS given the identical treatment for the same offense. The Japanese immediately involved in this punishment were FIRST LIEUTENANT HATA, medical officer at the camp, MR ASANO, civilian interpreter, MASTER SERGEANT KITA, and the unidentified Japanese Warant Officer.

    All 5 were convicted and got 15 years at hard labor.  When will Bush issue their pardons?

    A demonstration is in order (none / 0) (#2)
    by Saul on Thu Nov 01, 2007 at 10:42:43 PM EST
    for Mr. Mukasey.  If he is not sure whether water boarding is tortue then let him acutally go through it like the Navy Seals and other military guys of elite group experience.  Then after about 15 minutes of doing it to him ask him this question.  " Well Mr. Mukasey how do you feel about water boarding now.   Do you now think its torture?"