Where Are the Ghost Air Prisoners Now?

The Washington Post reports on the CIA's Ghost Air prisoners. Some have been sent to Guantanamo, some were returned to their home countries (some of whom were never heard from again) and some are....missing.

Where are they? Who's keeping track? Human Rights Watch and Reprieve are trying to. According to the Post, HRW says at least 39 of those seized remain unaccounted for.

There's further reading today on this at Alternet: The Bush Era's Dark Legacy of Torture.

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    Captain Renault (none / 0) (#1)
    by RedHead on Sat Oct 27, 2007 at 02:47:18 PM EST
    "I am making out the report now. We haven't quite decided yet whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape."


    I'm sure it's just a clerical error.  Remember how the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) lost track of $9 billion in funds earmarked for Iraqi ministries.

    ''Lost track of" (none / 0) (#2)
    by jondee on Sat Oct 27, 2007 at 04:09:47 PM EST
    being of a "Fiscally conservative" euphemism for stolen, kicked back, and probobly skimmed for off-the-books special projects.

    On the detainee front, my suggestion is that until the C.I.A works all the kinks out of the process, that they issue a request to all patriotic red staters to volunteer as guinea pig detainees -- with the usual assurances that it's for the good of the country; was foretold in Revelations etc -- the usual compliance/obedience reflex will undoubtably assure a reliable supply of volunteers with the added windfall of the winnowing out of some more 'Darwin Award" winners (they'll be going to a Better Place anyway).

    POW/MIA (none / 0) (#3)
    by avahome on Mon Oct 29, 2007 at 08:21:12 AM EST
    When I read things like this my heart breaks.  How many of our menfolk held in VietNam or Korea forgotten ghosts for what? It's an endless cycle of man's inhumanity to man.