Late Night Wrap Up

  • Jane, Christy and the Firedoglake gang got a coveted press pass (with the assistance of Arianna Huffington) to the Scooter Libby trial. They are going to rent an apartment for the duration of the trial. They need help with expenses, so if you can spare some dollars, go on over and help.
  • Dan Froomkin at the Washington Post wants to know where the outrage is over Bush's plan to escalate the troop numbers in Iraq.

  • The New York Post has provided right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin with media credentials to go to Iraq. The military has agreed to "embed" her. She's taking aim at the Associated Press coverage in Iraq.

Since the start of the Iraq war, tens of thousands of heavily-armed military contractors have been roaming the country -- without any law, or any court to control them. That may be about to change, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow P.W. Singer notes in a Defense Tech exclusive. Five words, slipped into a Pentagon budget bill, could make all the difference. With them, "contractors 'get out of jail free' cards may have been torn to shreds," he writes. They're now subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the same set of laws that governs soldiers. But here's the catch: embedded reporters are now under those regulations, too.

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