Mueller Delivers Report on Russia to Attorney General

Robert Mueller has turned in his report on Russia. What's in it? No one knows. Attorney General Robert Barr says he will update Congress this weekend.

Since there have been no announcements of new arrests, I assume D.Jr. skated on charges of lying to Congress. As soon as Trump announced it's okay with him if Mueller's report gets released, I figured that would be the anti-climatic ending.

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    Mueller (none / 0) (#1)
    by Ga6thDem on Fri Mar 22, 2019 at 07:59:07 PM EST
    might be leaving it up to DOJ to indict Don Jr. I think Trump said he wanted the report released because he thinks the GOP will cover for him and not release the report.

    Ben Wittes and others (none / 0) (#2)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri Mar 22, 2019 at 08:23:19 PM EST
    Have said Mueller almost certainly submitted along with the report a summary suitable for public release, with redactions for intelligence stuff, and that Barr will release that as soon as he reads it.

    They will probably be a row about the definition of suitable.

    Not sure how much of an ending it is.  Or the begining of the end or end of the beginning

    Also (none / 0) (#3)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri Mar 22, 2019 at 08:24:27 PM EST
    It's it just me or is there something weird with the Biden post?