Drudge on Foley: The Kids Asked For It

(Guest Post from Big Tent Democrat)

Just unbelievable, Drudge is sick:

Clip #1. And if anything, these kids are less innocent -- these 16 and 17 year-old beasts...and I've seen what they're doing on YouTube and I've seen what they're doing all over the internet -- oh yeah -- you just have to tune into any part of their pop culture. You're not going to tell me these are innocent babies. Have you read the transcripts that ABC posted going into the weekend of these instant messages, back and forth? The kids are egging the Congressman on! The kids are trying to get this out of him. We haven't got the whole story on this.

Clip #2: You could say "well Drudge, it's abuse of power, a congressman abusing these impressionable, young 17 year-old beasts, talking about their sex lives with a grown man, on the internet." Because you have to remember, those of us who have seen some of the transcripts of these nasty instant messages. This was two ways, ladies and gentlemen. These kids were playing Foley for everything he was worth. Oh yeah. Oh, I haven't...they were talking about how many times they'd masturbated, how many times they'd done it with their girlfriends this weekend...all these things and these "innocent children." And this "poor" congressman sitting there typing, "oh am I going to get any," you know?

Words fail me. But not Atrios, who points to the sick Media. C&L has the tape.

Update from Last Night in Little Rock, 8:48 pm CT

I can't resist to add this: my practice involves representing accused child predators and molesters, and I have heard and seen everything. My favorite from those arrested in internet child stings is that "the 'kid' drew me in." After I read the IM's, no go. My favorite from two men convicted of having sex with girls under 14, rape in Arkansas: "She came on to me." Bottom line: The Republican talking heads are giving the same excuses that child molesters have been telling me for years. But it was the molesters telling me this. Now it is their spokesman trying to justify it.

If I uttered a sentence like that in front of a jury, they would throw chairs at me. Yet, here they are, saying it for attribution. Enablers. They are enablers of child molesters, but "Let's pass Adam's Bill and hammer those convicted under the PROTECT Act." How can they sleep at night?

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    Re: Drudge on Foley: The Kids Asked For It (none / 0) (#1)
    by jondee on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 04:51:07 PM EST
    I cant wait to see what they do this week.

    Re: Drudge on Foley: The Kids Asked For It (none / 0) (#3)
    by Sailor on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 05:34:47 PM EST
    I finally found a delineator between republicans and rethuglicans. rethugs will try to spin this any way they can, repubs are disgusted by the man, his actions and the coverup, just like normal people should be. It ain't politics, it's pedophelia. Rethuglicans never reform, they just turn over a new page.

    Re: Drudge on Foley: The Kids Asked For It (none / 0) (#2)
    by Dana on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 06:17:21 PM EST
    This Drudge quote sounds like he might have some personal experience in this area. Sounds to me like he feels he's been seduced by young 'beasts' in the past and sympathizes with Foley!

    Re: Drudge on Foley: The Kids Asked For It (none / 0) (#4)
    by scribe on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 06:17:21 PM EST
    Drudge sounds almost jealous.

    Re: Drudge on Foley: The Kids Asked For It (none / 0) (#5)
    by scarshapedstar on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 06:19:33 PM EST
    Methinks Drudge dost protest too much.

    Re: Drudge on Foley: The Kids Asked For It (none / 0) (#6)
    by cpinva on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 08:09:40 PM EST
    um, i should care what matt drudge thinks because? they can sleep at night because they know they'll be re-elected come nov. 7. why, you ask? simple, they're against gay marriage and gays in the military, and that "excites" their base.

    Re: Drudge on Foley: The Kids Asked For It (none / 0) (#7)
    by Big Tent Democrat on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 09:10:55 PM EST
    Last Night in Little Rock: Thanks so much for adding the insight. A stand alone post would be very valuable on the issue. Can I urge you to give us some insight on the issue?

    Re: Drudge on Foley: The Kids Asked For It (none / 0) (#8)
    by kdog on Tue Oct 03, 2006 at 08:12:57 AM EST
    Not that Drudge had much crediblity...but now it's less than zero. Almost unbelievable...almost.