Al-Jazeera Airs New Footage of Osama Planning 9/11

While ABC airs a phony documentary labelled a dramatization, Al-Jazeera airs real, previously unreleased footage -- 90 minutes worth-- of Osama bin Laden meeting with the 9/11 hijackers in the days before the attacks.

The footage, first aired on Thursday, also shows Abu Hafs Al-Masri, Al-Qaeda's then military leader, and Ramzi bin Al-Shaiba, co-ordinator of the 9-11 attacks, meeting in Al-Qaeda's training camps in Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

The tape also says that a previous unknown Arab Islamist, Abu Al-Turab Al-Urduni, supervised the training for the attacks. The video said that the preparation for the attacks included not only flight training but also lessons in street-fighting and how to forge official documents.

The video shows Osama meeting with Ramzi Binalshibh, as well as footage of two of the hijackers, Hamza el-Ramdi and Wael el-Shemari.

The men said that their actions were inspired by an urge to avenge the suffering of Muslims in Bosnia and Chechnya.

I haven't found the video online, if you have, let us know where.

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    Osama must be worried about the mid terms. Can't afford to to loose his best ally, a worthless trembling little man who is the representative of a "trembling nation." What a pathetic abject failure of a man, only equaled by the treasonous senate who have propped him up. You will find the video on the BBC home page.

    Is Al-Jazeera on the Bush Rove G.O.P. Payroll (Payola)?

    How Timely.Again.

    A 90 minute, professionally produced video just suddenly appears at the same time the preznit speechifying about how terrible bin Laden is - what fabulous good luck for Goergie. This reeks of neocon propaganda.

    9- 11 was a Cheney/PNAC BushCo inside job ! Only gullible dimwitted Americans still believe otherwise!

    Yeah, I believe Bush and bin Laden have the same PR guy . . .

    I am surprised they haven't come up with a video of him and Saddam discussing WMD. Wait...that will show up on Halloween.

    Re: Al-Jazeera Airs New Footage of Osama Planning (none / 0) (#9)
    by john horse on Fri Sep 08, 2006 at 02:44:38 PM EST
    One of the reasons that Al Queda was formed was to get US troops out of Saudi Arabia. They claimed it was sacriledge to have a foreign infidel army in the homeland of the Prophet. In response, George Bush showed Osama Bin Laden that he wouldn't be pushed around by quietly withdrawing US troops from Saudi Arabia. When it came to Saudi Arabia Bush was a cut-and-runner.

    Ok, Ok, it is proved--Bush and Bin Laden are working for each other! Interesting how this comes out just around the midterms!

    jh...if you read the link you posted you will notice that the reason given for the withdrawal was that Saddam was no longer a threat to the Saudi royal family. Recall the phrase "who's your daddy?" from Farenheit 911...

    Kind of interesting that he appears with the 9/11 "hijackers", several of which were found to be alive after 9/11. Also interesting that this tape appears now with all the "booga booga, terrrrrsts gonna getcha" BS being spewed forth by the liars, as well as the upsurge in those who feel the official 9/11 story is the conspiracy theory here. If we are attacked in the near future, and the lying liars lie about who did it (what else can I say, their lips are moving) just remember that it is they who profit, just like they did on 9/11. "Operation Northwoods" proves our gov't will stoop to killing our own citizens in order to further their aims, and those who still cling to the official story need to wake up before they find themselves in our version of 1930's Germany.

    Re: Al-Jazeera Airs New Footage of Osama Planning (none / 0) (#12)
    by Bill Arnett on Sat Sep 09, 2006 at 09:18:49 PM EST
    I understand that if you study the film closely you can see Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, Madeline Albright, and Richard Clarke playing strip poker with Zawahiri (what a party animal he is!) inside the cave behind Osama. It's common knowledge that they had regular days on which to get together and party and play cards, usually while huffing lots of that wild Afghani pot. (Clinton did NOT inhale!) Dick Cheney has declassified these reports so that Disney/ABC can include these scenes in their sequal to "Path to 9/11", currently being filmed under the working title "Mickey goes to Pakistan", wherein Donald Duck's complicity in the attacks as one of the hijackers will be well documented. Minnie Mouse has a cameo appearance as bin Laden's lost love and the reason he came to despise America. His broken heart never mended. The film will co-star Pluto as the airport security dog that fell asleep on the job and did not search the hijackers, while Bob Iger appears as a TV executive that makes his networks crash faster than a falling airliner. It is, of course, completely historically accurate as remembered by the feverishly fearful brain of little Dumbya, who uses his gigantic ears to fly away from Washington just before the plane hits the Pentagon and winds up getting caught in Hurricane Katrina's Cat 4 winds. Little Dumbya is blown all the way to Iraq where, with the help of Ken Mehlman, democracy is declared a true Disneyland success. Hurray! Trust me. It's true.

    Well we finally have the audio to go along with the video of the meeting. Here's a partial transcript: Al-Zawahiri: (sarcastically) How is learning to fly a puddle jumper going to prepare these clowns to navigate jumbo jets? They can't even drive a car. Osama: He's right. Maybe we should rent a simulator. Sheik Mohammed: It can be arranged. A few hours in one of those babies should get them up to speed. We could also get some flight manuals in Arabic. They can study those on the way to the airport. Osama: Perfect. I think we're good to go. Al-Zawahiri: Great leader, I mean no disrespect but... Why are we doing this? What can we possibly gain? This will unite the Americans and the world against us. Their leaders will use this to rally public support for invasion of our lands, while increasing the budgets of their military and intelligence agencies. I think we're playing right into their hands. Osama: Perhaps. But at the same time, they will use this opportunity to deprive Americans of what we hate most - their freedom. (enthusiastic shouts of agreement, chants of "Allah Akbar")