Show Time for Andrew Fastow in Enron

It's show time for Andrew Fastow next week in Enron. The former CFO will take the stand to testify against Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling and earn his sentence reduction.

Defense attorneys Michael Ramsey and Daniel Petrocelli have made it clear that they intend to prove that Fastow's illegal conduct was the only wrongdoing within the company -- and was done without the knowledge of Lay or Skilling. That should make for some aggressive questioning once the defense begins their cross examination.

Fastow's plea agreement is here. It calls for a ten year sentence (after cooperation) and no further reductions after sentencing. It also called for him to begin serving his sentence when his wife Lea was released from serving her one year stint (but he's still free and the judge has granted numerous motions for him to travel, according to the court docket.) As I wrote here, it was a strict plea agreement:

There is no right of appeal provided he gets no more than ten years; He can't ask for a sentence less than ten years; He can't collaterally attack the sentence; The Government will not ask for a (rule 35) sentence reconsideration based on Enron-related cooperation; the conditions of cooperation are onerous. If either he or his wife don't fulfill their ends of the bargain, both deals are off.

The Houston Chronicle trial blog predicts Fastow will testify Tuesday.

It's a good thing the Oscars are on a Sunday. Otherwise, from this report, it sounds like the jury might show up for trial in evening gowns and tuxes.

Prelude to Fastow's testimony: Here's how the testimony ended Thursday, as the Government paves the way for Fastow.

As for Ken Lay's defense to the charges, you can read his lawyer's opening statement here.

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