White House, Not Just Cheney, Under Friendly Fire

Arianna does a great job today of recapping the criticism the Administration is under from those in its own party on a myriad of issues, including "NSA wiretaps, Iraq, Katrina, Plamegate leaks, the budget, the Abramoff scandal, and immigration." After a detailed analysis on each one, she concludes with:

Indeed, with so many Republicans trying to distance themselves from the president, it's clear the wheels are coming off the White House wagon. Just in time for 2006. If the GOP barrage keeps up, the president will soon find himself in the political ICU.

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  • Re: White House, Not Just Cheney, Under Friendly F (none / 0) (#1)
    by squeaky on Mon Feb 13, 2006 at 07:24:15 PM EST
    Sadly it sounds like the only thing that will get the GOP and the WH out of this mess is war with Iran. If they pull that off the nov elections will most likely favor incumbents.

    Squeaky... Sadly...the only thing that will get the GOP out is a Dem (any Dem) that actually shows the rest of us something "better". You know, somebody that actually LOVES America, doesn't spend every waking moment putting her down in front of the rest of the world.... and isn't continually siding with our enemies.... and lets the American people know that THEY come first and not some crazy religious fanatic that wants to kill them! So...unfortunately... that looks like it will take awhile... a long while.