It's Time to Fax Like There's No Tomorrow

Don't give up on the filibuster. Even if we lose, it sends a powerful message, not just about Alito but about what we'll do if future uber-conservatives are nominated. And it's still possible, though a long shot, the Dems could pull it off. Pressure from constituents is key.

Sen. Edward Kennedy held a blogger conference call today about Judge Sam Alito's nomination and the filibuster plans. I couldn't make it but McJoan and at Daily Kos and Jane at Firedoglake have reports. Georgia100 at Daily Kos has the fax numbers. From McJoan:

He is encouraging you to contact your Democratic Senators, regardless of what they might have said so far, but specifically mentioned Senators Pryor, Lincoln, Cantwell, Murray, Baucus, Harkin, Levin, Bayh, Lautenberg, Menendez, and Lieberman. In addition, he said to keep the pressure on Republican Senators Snowe, Collins, Chaffee, and Stevens.

Senator Kennedy talked in particular about one thing that I think is critical to keep in mind as we approach our Senators, and for them to keep in mind as they are considering this vote. We need to overcome the media noise machine by letting our Senators know that in voting their conscience, and making it clear that they are voting on principle, on conscience, they will overcome the media noise machine calling them obstructionists. We can help them realize this by letting them know that we've got their backs. That they are voting our conscience as well, and that we will not forget their courage.

As of now, only Senators Chaffee, Salazar, Pryor, and Conrad have been certain of their refusal, but I'd still include them on the list. As I mentioned yesterday, if Feinstein could change her mind, so can they.

You can send a free fax computer here and here. But the servers tend to get overloaded.

Voicemailboxes may be full, but you can try calling the White House switchboard toll-free at 1-888-355-3588.

E-mail is probably the last resort, and the addresses are here. And you can also send a fax through SavetheCourt.

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