Alito: Where are the Questions on His Government Bias?

As predicted, much of today's confirmation hearing concerned abortion rights. As GW law prof Jonathan Turley points out in USA Today,

The obsession with abortion in American politics has had an anaerobic effect on past confirmation hearings, sucking the air out of other issues. For Alito, this may have the welcomed effect of obscuring a more troubling question from his past writings and cases: Alito's extreme views of government authority over citizens' rights.

Turley also opines:

Despite my agreement with Alito on many issues, I believe that he would be a dangerous addition to the court in already dangerous times for our constitutional system. Alito's cases reveal an almost reflexive vote in favor of government, a preference based not on some overriding principle but an overriding party.

In my years as an academic and a litigator, I have rarely seen the equal of Alito's bias in favor of the government. To put it bluntly, when it comes to reviewing government abuse, Samuel Alito is an empty robe.

When I turned in to watch the questioning, I heard a lot of speechifying by Senators and very short, evasive answers. Of course he isn't going to say he doesn't believe in abortion, he's been prepped to the gills. Let's get on to the other issues.

Turley concludes:

An independent judiciary means little if our judges are not independently minded. In criminal, immigration and other cases, Alito is one of the government's most predictable votes on the federal bench. Though his supporters have attempted to portray this as merely a principle of judicial deference, it is a raw form of judicial bias.

The Alito vote might prove to be the single most important decision on the future of our constitutional system for decades to come. While I generally defer to presidents in their choices for the court, Samuel Alito is the wrong nominee at the wrong time for this country.

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    Re: Alito: Where are the Questions on His Governme (none / 0) (#1)
    by Slado on Tue Jan 10, 2006 at 03:26:21 PM EST
    Don't think the dems will have any solid reason to reject Alito unless they make one up. Like Kennedy did in his opening statement. He smart, qualified and won't Bork himself. Here's a rebuttle to Turley... powerline

    Re: Alito: Where are the Questions on His Governme (none / 0) (#2)
    by ras on Tue Jan 10, 2006 at 04:08:43 PM EST
    Alito's breezing on thru. The Left's various canards against him simply aren't holding up under proper inspection. The Dems can filibuster or not, as they choose. personally, I still think they'll yap like tough little puppies, but wimp out (again) when it comes to actually doing anything. And their supporters will ultimately forgive them for that (again) using whatever rationale/excuse is convenient, then move on to lose ground in the next set of elections (again). "We don't understand it," they'll say together. "No one takes us seriously anymore."

    Slado.. Like Kennedy did in his opening statement. LOL... the big blustering blow hard from Mass couldn't even get his name right!!!! What a freeakin joke he is. Alito is making most the Senators look like the nimrods they are. Haven't laid a glove on him!