'Principal Deputy' In Libby Indictment is Eric Edelman

Via Ryan Lizza at TNR's The Plank:

I just got a call from Fitzgerald's spokesman, Randall Samborn. He confirmed that The Washington Post, The New York Times, and other news organizations this morning are in fact wrong. The "principal deputy" to Libby named in the indictment is Edelman, not Hannah. Here's exactly what Samborn said:

You're correct, it's Edelman. I can't account for why the other papers are saying it's Hannah, but it's not. It is Eric Edelman. You heard me correctly on Friday when I said that.

The New York Times now reports that Edelman is the "principal deputy" and he didn't disclose his knowledge to Congress this past spring. Bush used a recess appointment to put Edelman in his current position.

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    What is the point of being evasive in an indictment if your spokesman is going to play twenty questions with reporters and let them know when they have the right answer?