DeLay Filing: Fox News Paid Travel Expenses

I'm not sure why this is a big deal. Tom Delay reported on his House report (pdf) that he received $13,998.55 in travel expenses from Fox News for going to Washington to appear on Fox News Sunday after his indictment.

Networks always pay travel expenses for guests they fly in to do shows. It sounds like they chartered a flight for DeLay, which also is not surprising -- why would he want to face the public in airports and and on commercial planes right after his indictment?

Now, was it "officially related travel" as DeLay claims? I checked the transcript, and he did discuss offical House business (albeit marginally) in addition to attacking the Indictment against him.

WALLACE: Will you continue to help set strategy and push party discipline on the House floor?

DELAY: I will advise the speaker, and I will work on the agenda. We have a very ambitious agenda that we need to get through in the next eight months. We need to do something about gas prices, and we start that next week. We need to cut spending, reform entitlements, provide for border security, show people that we can enforce our immigration laws, and cut taxes.

We want to do that all in the next eight weeks, and so we have to really work hard, and the speaker wants me to continue to work on that.

Later on:

Aren't Republicans going to have to scale back dramatically on their agenda over the next couple of years?

DELAY: Absolutely not. In fact, we need to be more aggressive. The way you counter this politics of personal destruction is you go and you're aggressive and you move fast and do something about the gas prices. We're doing that next week. Do something about spending. We're cutting spending through the appropriations process. Do something about protecting our borders and enforcing illegal immigration. Do something about reforming this government and reforming entitlements. Move aggressively and boldly with our principles; that's how you win.

There are so many grounds to attack Tom DeLay politically. This is not one of them. Fox paid and he reported it. I wonder if it would be a story if CNN rather than Fox paid for his flight.

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    Re: DeLay Filing: Fox News Paid Travel Expenses (none / 0) (#1)
    by cpinva on Sat Dec 17, 2005 at 01:05:44 PM EST
    it isn't a big deal. except, given his current situation, everything he does is under a microscope. pity the same media didn't put him under one before the indictment. had they done so, he'd be back in texas, killing bugs.