WSJ Columnist Parrots DeLay's Statistics for DA

by Last Night in Little Rock

Apparently feeding off the breast milk of Tom DeLay, WSJ's John Fund was caught on MSNBC's Chris Matthews repeating DeLay's own "cherry picked" statistics of Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earl's track record of prosecuting public officials, as noted by MediaMatters.org:

FUND: You are going to have a great Texas shootout on this case. You've got Tom DeLay and his six-guns, and you've got Ronnie Earle and his six-guns -- only one of them is going to be left standing, Chris. I think Ronnie Earle has a track record over the past few years of being often off-base in his prosecutions. He had two great failures with the Texas attorney general, a Democrat, and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican. On the other hand, with Tom DeLay, you have all of the allegations trailing behind him, and including the admonishments from the House. So I have to tell you, one of them is going down, and one of them is going to be left standing.

Fund failed to mention that Earle is 13 of 15 in prosecuting public officials. If he knows of the acquittals, he knows of the convictions. Matthews apparently didn't call him on it. Liberal media my as*.

And so it goes...

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