Military Limits Information Regarding Detainees

by TChris

Just days after journalists were allowed to report on the administrative review board hearings provided to detainees at Guantanamo, the "military has temporarily stopped providing the specific allegations against individual" detainees.

Previously, the military readily provided "fact summaries" detailing the accusations against individual detainees and whether they allegedly had links to al-Qaida terror network or the ousted Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Navy Lt. Terry Green, a spokesman at Guantanamo, declined to explain why the military decided to limit the information it would make public. "Green said he could only provide information about whether hearings had taken place, the detainees' ages and how long they have been at Guantanamo."

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  • Re: Military Limits Information Regarding Detainee (none / 0) (#1)
    by Darryl Pearce on Wed Mar 30, 2005 at 05:13:21 PM EST
    "We the People..." now have a government that keeps secrets from us. And there's a "shadow government" behind that one. ...fudge!

    We the people have always had a government that kept secrets from us. the "political difference" is in the way our non government is doing it. we have no idea who we our fighting and who our government is really helping in this so called war on terror, we the people?, the talks about the detainees and asks question to our government, who looks at us as enmey and we look at our non government and see the enemy in its actions. what is our governments real ideals? to stop this war? just keep some little nut case behind bars for life? our military is not the one of 1960 or 1950 or 1941, or 1775, but a military that can and will attack us with orders from the murderous and crazy oligarchies who hate the fact that this nation above all have people who can still see what it is doing all over the world, and what it will in the end do to you! the prisoners/captives, are not good guys, but are amoral monsters, that would kill you and murder your kids; but why is that? the fact is most do hate this nation and its people because of guys like bush and many others and because you did not see this world in its real light of day. but also remember when the oil runs out and the lights go off, what will you do? but remember the terrorists cut heads off of our people. abd by the way the army always did limit info about all POW'S In all wars.

    Re: Military Limits Information Regarding Detainee (none / 0) (#3)
    by wishful on Wed Mar 30, 2005 at 06:30:51 PM EST
    Democracy? What democracy?

    War crimes.

    Soon our great bush and business will have more of our troops in prison, the guys fighting the "war on terror" will join the guys in camps fighting against bush and business, how many of our troops has bush sent to prison? Detainees and our boys all-together in Guantanamo and maybe bush can ask the chinese Reds to run the camp? Fight Evil imprison Bush, he needs Guantanamo with Bin Laden and saddam and our overall non government, and fox needs prison in mexico city.

    Stop the mass murder, two more of US Were killed in the lands of the fools,(3/31/05) called iraq, enlist in the new system of bush and business, don't be fools by the propaganda. free our nation from the little rat called Bush, How long before i go to some camp? how long before you go to some camp, and our we really fighting for freedom or bush and business? and how many al-qaeda rats are really at Guantanamo? and how many are in are own camps called prisons here? Bush a "amigo" of bin laden

    Fred, what's with Vincente this week?