Donald Trump: An American Tragedy

From Jesse Berney in Rolling Stone, An American Tragedy on what we know about Donald Trump:

We know he's inexperienced and ignorant enough to cause genuine harm to America's interests....We know he doesn't understand or care about the most fundamental constitutional rights...

After listing several other undesirable traits, the article says:

Add it all up, and what do you see? A child who reacts to the slightest perceived attack with vicious vitriol. A vengeful president who is willing to violate basic rights. A government run by incompetents, racists, bullies and conspiracy-mongers. It's a formula for tragedy.

The danger: [More...]

There is no reason to believe Donald Trump understands or will accept the checks on an American president's power. There is no reason to believe he won't trample over the Constitution when it suits him.

Berney asks:

Who will stop him from grabbing power he's not entitled to? The madmen he's surrounded himself with? The weak-willed leaders of the Republican majority in Congress who have yet to provide hardly any resistance to the things he's said and done, no matter how outrageous or un-American?

I've already turned off the news for the next four years. I'm canceling Sirius, there's no reason to listen to news in the car. I have turned the speakers off on my computer so pop-up videos of him and worthless pundits talking about him won't intrude on my consciousness.

I'm looking for a place out of the country to spend the third week in January to avoid hearing about his inauguration. Gimme Shelter. (check out Lady Gaga's outfit and shoe height)

More traditional version:

Berney continues:

We can't guess how bad it's going to get over the next four or eight years. We don't know what America will look like. But if you think things won't change because they never have, you aren't paying close enough attention to Donald Trump.

...At worst, we're headed down an extraordinarily dark road where the things that make America America simply cease to exist. A president who won on a campaign of anti-immigrant furor, who believes in casting aside freedom like litter, who craves constant validation and can't abide criticism or satire – that's a tyrant in the making.

I know how bad it's going to get.

I also know it's going to take America a lot more than four years to scrape Donald Trump's sh*t right off our shoes.

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