Diego Garcia Escapes Tsunami Damage

The American navy base Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean was unaffected by the Asian Tsunami.

Officials said the Diego Garcia Navy Support Facility, which houses about 1,700 military personnel and 1,500 civilian contractors, suffered no damage related to Sunday’s earthquake and ensuing tsunamis. Diego Garcia, the southernmost island in the Chagos Archipelago, sits about 1,000 miles south of India and roughly 2,000 miles from the earthquake’s epicenter.

Navy and Air Force personnel are on the island. According to the Red Cross, so are some of the hidden detainees. The Washington Post also refers to Diego Garcia as containing a CIA secret interrogation site.

"In contrast to the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, where military lawyers, news reporters and the Red Cross received occasional access to monitor prisoner conditions and treatment, the CIA's overseas interrogation facilities are off-limits to outsiders, and often even to other government agencies. In addition to Bagram and Diego Garcia, the CIA has other secret detention centers overseas, and often uses the facilities of foreign intelligence services."

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