The Next Generation of Mujahideen

ISIS has released a lot of videos the past few days. In one, Race Towards Good (full version available here, no violence) it takes us inside a training camp for Kazakh children. They are purposely indoctrinated from a young age (There's even a toddler holding a toy gun, image below.) It shows a class teaching very young males how to write Arabic and the kids receiving receiving fighter training. There's also an adult class on how to be a sniper.

It's almost 15 minutes long, but if you start at the 5 minute mark, you'll see the parts with the kids. It's fascinating to watch, but horrifying that they would encourage young kids to kill those who do not share their religion. Below are some screengrabs: [More...]

From an interview of one of the girls, here's a question and the answer:

They are the future:

Never too young to start learning:

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