'Sopranos' Season Finale: Predictions

We are anxiously awaiting tonight's season finale of "The Sopranos." Here's the clues, as offered by HBO:

  • Tony's crew circles the wagons as Johnny Sack turns up the heat.
  • Carmela counts her blessings;
  • Christopher is freaked out by an unexpected visitor;
  • Benny's connection to the plumbers' union comes in handy;
  • AJ demonstrates his business acumen;
  • and Tony ponders whether to execute a "sacrifice bunt."

Here's some possibilities:

  • Someone will get whacked. Will it be Tony's cousin Tony B. or Christopher or mob boss Johnny? This reviewer thinks it's Christopher.
  • Will Tony's burned mistress or the black bear make a return appearance to cause some final trouble?
  • Will Christopher's visitor be the FBI or Adrianna who turns out not to be dead?

We'll go with this reviewer who predicts much of the action will revolve around an engagement party at home for Meadow. We think this will be cousin Tony's (Steve Buschemi's) last appearance, but we don't know if he gets whacked or set up like a guy in a previous episode to go back to prison.

Predictions, anyone?

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