New Medical Marijuana Store Opens

by TChris

Californians in need of medical marijuana will be able to choose from several varieties at a new store in Roseville -- at least until the feds move in to shut it down. The store doesn't bother the local police chief, who acknowledges that Proposition 215 made the sale of marijuana for medicinal purposes a legal business under state law.

Federal law is a different story. Listen to Richard Meyer, a special agent for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in San Francisco:

"Federal law is clear about marijuana: It is illegal to cultivate, possess or distribute it," Meyer said. "So if that club is selling marijuana, it's going to be in violation of federal law.

"Just because (the Roseville club) is in operation doesn't mean it's legitimate or that we condone it. They should not be surprised if one day we show up with a warrant at their door."

Although Meyer complained that staff shortages made it difficult to close marijuana clubs, the Roseville business has reason to worry. Other distributors of medical marijuana have been arrested or shut down, and the Ashcroft Justice Department seems determined to stand in the way of states that enact sensible legislation to benefit the sick and dying.

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