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Iowa Still Up for Grabs?

Hillary Clinton has a three point lead in the final Selzer poll -- also called the Bloomberg/Des Moines Register poll -- before today's Iowa caucuses. Here are the poll questions and the methodology.

Nate Silver at 538 says Hillary may just win Iowa. He opines Bernie Sanders is close, but has failed to grab the momentum. (Feel free to disagree with him, but skip the name-calling and personal attacks or your comment will be deleted. They aren't welcome here as to anyone.)

538 also favorably dissects the historical accuracy of Selzer's Iowa poll (there's a reason it's called the best of the Iowa polls, but still, it's not perfect.) [More...]

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Sanders Sues DNC, Case Settled, Dems to Debate in NH

Here's the complaint Bernie Sanders' campaign filed in federal court against the DNC for suspending its access to public voter data. The case was quickly resolved. What the ruckus was about:

The suit came shortly after campaign manager Jeff Weaver acknowledged at a Washington news conference that Sanders staffers had improperly reviewed information gathered by rival Hillary Clinton earlier in the week. But he accused the DNC of over­reacting to the breach by suspending the Sanders campaign’s ability to access the computer system containing information about Democratic-leaning voters, including data the campaign has gathered about its own supporters.

The Dems will debate tonight in New Hampshire. What should Hillary say about Sanders' data breach and the DNC's response?

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Hillary Pledges Not To Describe Immigrants as "Illegal"

During a Telemundo Facebook chat, Hillary Clinton said her use of the term "illegal" in conjunction with "immigrants" at a campaign speech in New Hampshire a few weeks ago was a poor choice of words and she won't be repeating it.

Here's the question she was asked: [More...]

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Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Iowa

Tonight is the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Iowa. There are 100 days left before the Iowa caucuses.

Hillary is on now. You can watch here. She is all fired up.

"Republicans say I'm playing the gender card. Well if talking about equal pay, paid, family leave, affordable child care and women's health is playing the gender card, deal me in."

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Benghazi Hearing: Republicans Have Bark, No Bite

I listened to an hour or so of the 9 hour hearing on Benghazi today. Republicans failed to land any punches. And Hillary sounded just like she intended: calm and in control. Bottom line: She got a free 9 hours of air time to tout her knowledge of foreign affairs and show she's the most presidential of all the candidates.

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Clinton-Castro Appearance in San Antonio

Photo by Jerry Lara /San Antonio Express-News

Housing Secretary Julian Castro endorsed Hillary Clinton today. They spoke at joint rally in San Antonio to enthusiastic crowds.

Hillary and Castro have been building ties for a while now. He's often been mentioned as a potential VP choice for her. At the 2012 Democratic Convention, he spoke the same night as Michelle Obama -- I thought: "Michelle Obama was good but hands down, the star of the night was Julian Castro.

Definitely a winning combination in my book.

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Post-Debate Thread

My thoughts: Hillary came across the best in the debate -- by miles. Poised, prepared, and accomplished. With an open mind and willing to listen to other ideas.

Bernie Sanders has better positions on some issues, but he can't win. I hope he stays in the race as long as possible, because it's important for people to hear his ideas.

O'Malley was third, in my view. His best line: calling Donald Trump a carnival barker.

This was a substantive debate that addressed the issues, unlike Republicans who have been an embarrassment to watch and listen to.

The best moment: the standing ovation by the crowd when Sanders said the American people are tired of hearing about Hillary's "damn emails."

Webb and Chafee will be gone soon.

Your thoughts?

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Hillary Mocks Trump on SNL

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Bill Richardson Announces Support for Hillary

Former Gov. Bill Richardson, who supported Obama over Hillary in 2007 after his own bid ended, announced his support for Hillary today.

"I am pleased to announce I wholeheartedly support Secretary Clinton's candidacy for the Presidency. Her leadership on issues like foreign policy, immigration, climate change and economic populism are important to the future of the country."

He also said he might have set up the same email system as Hillary: [More...]

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Hillary to Issue Climate Change Plan

Here's the important news about Hillary Clinton this week:

Here's what desperate Republicans care about: emails and Benghazi.

Here's what the media cares about: Anything that portrays Hillary in a negative light. And the man with straw hair. The attention his every comment brings is absurd.

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The D.C. Media Attacks on Hillary

Eric Boehlert at Media Matters offers his thoughts on why the D.C. media is "primed to take down Hillary Clinton."

It's official: Hillary Clinton now faces two looming campaign challengers, Republicans and their allies in the press. But don't take my word for it. The anti-Clinton press campaign is now an open secret in the media, and it marks a whole new chapter in campaign journalism.

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Fallout Not Likely From Hillary Clinton's Stance on Over-Incarceration

Radley Balko effectively takes a few Washington Post columnists to task for their articles criticizing Hillary Clinton's recent statements on our unjust mass incarceration policies. His article, also in the Washington Post, is titled "This isn’t 1968. Baltimore isn’t Watts. And Hillary Clinton isn’t Michael Dukakis." He writes:

Both [columnists]compared the civil unrest of 2015 to the civil unrest in 1968. Both cited Nixon’s “tough on crime” campaign, which even members of that campaign team have since admitted was an overt, often racist appeal to white fear of black people. Both scorned Clinton for being “soft on crime,” and daring to criticize mass incarceration in a speech given the same week as the riots. Both mentioned New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and his shift in tone from gently criticizing the New York City police department for excessive force after the death of Eric Garner to robustly defending the officers after they were accused of roughing people up at a recent protest.


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Hillary to Announce Immigration Plan

Hillary Clinton will present her plan for immigration reform today in Las Vegas. She will say a path to citizenship is essential.

Of all the people – including Latino GOP senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida – who have declared that they are running for president, only Hillary Clinton offers a Spanish-language campaign website.


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Hillary Announces Plan to Revamp Criminal Justice Policy

Hillary Clinton today announced a plan to revamp criminal justice policy and end the focus on mass incarceration ad draconian sentences, policies favored during the Bill Clinton administration.

Clinton unveiled a sweeping set of proposed criminal justice reforms that would dismantle much of what her husband did. .. Whereas Bill looked to lock up offenders and throw away the key, Hillary is seeking to “end mass incarceration.” His focus was on resources for law enforcement; hers is on transparency meant to protect suspects.

Bill promoted zero tolerance, while Hillary is inclined to lend a second chance. “Keeping them behind bars does little to reduce crime, but it does a lot to tear apart families,” she said of children guilty of nonviolent offenses.


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Hillary Visits Iowa

Hillary Clinton arrives in in Monticello, Iowa today to make her first campaign appearance. She's been driving there in her "Scooby Doo" van, chatting with diners and folks at gas stations on the way.

I put the lion in her photo so she remembers to roar on occasion. She needs to share her passion and her strength. They are two of her most inspiring traits.

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