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Your One-Stop Shop for Downticket Race Info! - Senate Edition

Taking a break from the top of the ticket presidential election cycle this year, it's important to remember that the executive branch ain't the only branch of government, and that we have some legislators to vote for as well. I'm joining a movement here in NC to help out a few of our own in this state, with the hopes of poaching off Elizabeth Dole's seat, and hopefully we can gain some serious seats this year nationwide. I've decided to highlight all important Senate races this year that we can win, as well as some of the most contested House races, but that will be in a later post. Here goes with the Upper Branch:

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An Open Appeal to Obama and Clinton Supporters

First of all, this is my first diary here at TL, and I want to thank Jerlayn very much for allowing me diarist status here. I hope to bring everyone a lot of interesting information that I find in the worlds of elective politics and counter-terrorism, two of my cold, cruel lovers in life.

This entry itself leans more towards the former, and it's something that I've been wanting to write about for quite some time now, especially since just before the PA primary and the days thereafter. I feel as though an apology is necessary to Sen. Clinton and her supporters for the actions of many of Sen. Obama's supporters, including me, and perhaps even Sen. Obama himself. Equally necessary is an admonishment of Obama's supporters' actions both live and online--they are inexcusable, and must be addressed. Because of politics, Sen. Obama himself will probably never do it. I realize that my power is limited, but I feel as though I need to at least try and do something about it. This diary is aimed towards supporters of both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama, with the purpose of making amends somehow, and re-instilling the notion that we are all still part of the Democratic Party, and that we should all support Democratic and progressive ideals.

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