The Great Debate

I'll be watching and I hope some of you will join me.

When it's over, we can discuss: Where can we go to find America?

Updates with my comments below. Shorter version: It was a disappointing performance by Biden due to his low energy and weak, very low voice, but Trump was an energizer bunny of lies.


The answer, of course, is: She's not there.

This is a pre-debate thread. See you in a few hours.

Update: 9:25 pm: Is this a debate or the Wizard of Oz -- Trump keeps saying "If we only had a leader". As in, if we only had a leader there would be have been no war in Ukraine and no attack on Israel. Trump says he has the biggest heart of anyone in the room. Message to Donald Trump: If you only had a brain.

Trump's second fairy tale: If only I was still the wizard, nothing bad would have happened in the world. He would have prevented all the problems that have arisen, from the war in the Ukraine, to the economy which was great under his watch and is now failing, to the improvement in opportunities for Blacks (he created "Black jobs", whatever those are.) Just another of his off-the-cuff remarks that unintentionally reveal his deeply troubling racial attitudes.

Trump's third fairy tale: On every issue, "We had the best numbers ever". As in our water was the cleanest ever under his watch.

Trump says he talked to Putin about Iran. Trump says Hamas would not have attacked Israel if Trump had been President because Trump had made Iran poor and Iran would have had no money to fund Hamas.

Observation: Trump doesn't answer the questions he is asked. He doesn't know how to move on. He starts each answer with a continuation of his response to the last question. He's Darth the Evader.

Trump says that "what has happened to the United States reputation un