Ted Cruz Flies Back from Cancun After Being Outed by Media

Senator Ted Cruz, not realizing the crassness of his flying to Cancun for a few days of R&R while his constituents in Texas freeze their as*s off with no heat and power, has a moment of Joni Mitchell clarity:

Turn this crazy bird around I shouldn't have got on this flight tonight

Talk about poor optics. And now his story is he was just flying his family down to tuck them in, he was always going to fly right back to Texas. Sorry, no sale.

Here he is on the plane going to Cancun. A few hours ago he was waitlisted for an upgrade on today on the return flight.

Shorter version on Twitter: #TedFled.

Here's a more spirited version of the song by Nazareth. [More...]

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    My Favorite Part... (5.00 / 2) (#3)
    by ScottW714 on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 01:16:30 PM EST
     ..is where it's all jut a big misunderstanding, he was just being a good dad.
    Cruz's statement, issued from Mexico, contradicted the reporting of the Times, and multiple other outlets.

    "With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends," Cruz said.

    "Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon."

    Not sure what is worse, him leaving the state, him throwing his daughters under the bus, or him lying and dragging his daughters into it.  

    In all fairness, Texas is probably better off with him not in the state during an emergency.

    Oh yeah, Covid.

    Seems there are multiple (none / 0) (#6)
    by MO Blue on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 01:56:02 PM EST
    Not to mention the suitcase and carry-bag (none / 0) (#13)
    by Peter G on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 06:01:28 PM EST
    he was toting. That doesn't look like a plan to turn right around. Nor are the daughter and friend of an age that requires an adult escort on a plane flight.

    Yes, (none / 0) (#14)
    by KeysDan on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 06:15:38 PM EST
    his steamer truck and hat boxes did not seem appropriate to an over-nighter.

    Make that (none / 0) (#16)
    by KeysDan on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 06:35:40 PM EST
    steamer trunk

    The human brain is so funny (none / 0) (#20)
    by Peter G on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 07:14:53 PM EST
    I'm sure I read your post twice, and didn't see you had written "truck" rather than "trunk" until you corrected it.

    Looking forward to (5.00 / 1) (#10)
    by KeysDan on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 03:53:27 PM EST
    Josh Hawley pulling a rock similar to this one. Hope Hawley has his turn.

    Ted and other TX republicans (5.00 / 1) (#15)
    by CaptHowdy on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 06:30:28 PM EST
    have probably succeeded in making Beto the next TX governor this week.

    Agreed, (5.00 / 1) (#18)
    by KeysDan on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 06:40:26 PM EST
    but the win will be turnout of Democrats and Independents.   Texas Republicans will have no problems with their Republican officer holders, probably.   Besides it was the fault of AOC.  And, Hillary.

    and here he is (5.00 / 1) (#17)
    by leap on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 06:36:07 PM EST
    being escorted off the plane and into the airport to the customs station by armed cops. He's dragging his overnight bag with him. Uh huh.  Must have one o' them huge electric toothbrushes in it, along with a change of underwear. Well, that underwear might be real under-armour, which is why he needs that wheeled case.

    Because at this time, Houston probably has (none / 0) (#19)
    by Peter G on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 07:13:04 PM EST
    two police officers to spare just to protect a public official from hearing what his constituents think. No problem. Not like the people who live there are experiencing an uptick of emergency situations that might require increased police assistance.

    Ted Cruz' 'Friends' (5.00 / 2) (#21)
    by BGinCA on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 07:32:45 PM EST
    released a group text from Heidi to the NYTimes:
    "Text messages sent from Ms. Cruz to friends and Houston neighbors on Wednesday revealed a hastily planned trip. Their house was "FREEZING," as Ms. Cruz put it -- and she proposed a getaway until Sunday. Ms. Cruz invited others to join them at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancún, where they had stayed "many times," noting the room price this week ($309 per night) and its good security."

    Could it be that Ted was lyin'?

    and now poor Ted (none / 0) (#1)
    by leap on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 12:45:44 PM EST
    asks Houston cops to help him get out of airport as Texans rage over Cancun trip Ha ha ha ha ha!

    I can't believe that fü¢k∑r was just re-ëlected by those fü¢k∑r$. Well, they got what they apparently wanted and expected. Idiots.

    The oily Mr Haney (5.00 / 1) (#2)
    by jondee on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 01:07:40 PM EST
    will probably spin his trip as just another expression of Texan's love of the Freedom and Liberty to go where they please.

    But He Was Photographed... (none / 0) (#4)
    by ScottW714 on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 01:18:56 PM EST
    ...wearing an unconstitutional mask.

    Freedumb's just another werd ... (none / 0) (#23)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Fri Feb 19, 2021 at 12:42:11 AM EST
    ... four nothin' left to luze.

    It's not me! Blame my daughters! (none / 0) (#5)
    by desertswine on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 01:22:37 PM EST

    Ted is... (none / 0) (#7)
    by Repack Rider on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 02:22:30 PM EST
    All poo

    No moo

    Don't get the (none / 0) (#8)
    by Ga6thDem on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 02:39:40 PM EST
    love Texas has for this guy.

    The love is not that great. (none / 0) (#9)
    by Chuck0 on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 03:36:41 PM EST
    He only won last time with 50.9% of the vote. Good friend of mine in the Fort Worth area says most folks he talks to have little love for Cruz. He isn't even that well like among Republicans. I think that's why he became an orange turd sycophant. He wanted deplorables in his corner.

    Beto Came up Short of Just Over... (5.00 / 2) (#11)
    by ScottW714 on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 04:10:04 PM EST
    ...200,000 votes out of 8.2 million in 2018.  
    Had it been 2020 I think Cruz would have lost.

    A legislative priority (none / 0) (#12)
    by KeysDan on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 05:32:48 PM EST
    of Lt. Gov, Dan Patrick is the "Star Spangled Banner Protection Act" requiring the anthem to be played at all events involving public funding.  Patrick,  known for calling on old people to volunteer to die for the economy during the pandemic, ordered his priorities as a rebuke to Mark Cuban. What are the odds Patrick will re-think his priorities given the humanitarian tragedy?  

    Zero to none. (none / 0) (#22)
    by Chuck0 on Thu Feb 18, 2021 at 07:33:19 PM EST
    Patrick is a tool.

    SITE VIOLATOR (none / 0) (#25)
    by Peter G on Mon Mar 01, 2021 at 09:00:17 PM EST