Thursday Open Thread

My half-written posts yesterday are about (1) [former Zambada-Garcia sicario] "El Chino Antrax" going missing while on supervised release in San Diego, (2) Paul Manafort's release, Michael Cohen's non-release (as of now), and the complex procedure and arbitrary decisions of BOP on medically challenged inmates' request for compassionate release and reduction of sentence to a term of home detention, and the disagreement among the federal district courts when reviewing BOP denials, on everything from jurisdiction and exhaustion of remedies to interpreting the statute and AG Memoranda and (3) the 50 BOP press releases each announcing the death of the an inmate who died of complications from COVID-19 while serving their sentence. All had prior medical conditions which put them at greater risk of serious injury or death from COVID-19.

I could have written three briefs in the time I've spent on these three posts, but they aren't finished. So in the meantime, here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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    There's an interesting editorial in (5.00 / 3) (#37)
    by desertswine on Fri May 15, 2020 at 04:18:31 PM EST
    The Lancet.

    The Trump administration's further erosion of the CDC will harm global cooperation in science and public health, as it is trying to do by defunding WHO. A strong CDC is needed to respond to public health threats, both domestic and international, and to help prevent the next inevitable pandemic. Americans must put a president in the White House come January, 2021, who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics.

    My bold.

    Leader of the free world (5.00 / 3) (#39)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 05:30:17 PM EST
    this video makes me want the cry.

    And I'm not a cryer

    Mike Bloomberg (none / 0) (#42)
    by Ga6thDem on Fri May 15, 2020 at 07:38:37 PM EST
    had the right name for him Carnival Barking Clown. That is all he is and it's embarrassing that he's president.

    Reported today (none / 0) (#45)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 07:50:54 PM EST
    Bloomers is about to drop a huge wad of money for Biden.

    Tara Reade wanted public attention. (5.00 / 1) (#40)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Fri May 15, 2020 at 07:28:32 PM EST
    Well, now she's getting it:

    Politico | May 15, 2020
    `Manipulative, deceitful, user': Tara Reade left a trail of aggrieved acquaintances - " Over the past decade, Reade has left a trail of aggrieved acquaintances in California's Central Coast region who say they remember two things about her -- she spoke favorably about her time working for Biden, and she left them feeling duped.

    "As part of an investigation into Reade's allegations against Biden -- charges that are already shaping the contours of his campaign against a president who has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by multiple women -- POLITICO interviewed more than a dozen people, many of whom interacted with Reade through her involvement in the animal-rescue community.

    "A number of those in close contact with Reade over the past 12 years, a period in which she went by the names Tara Reade, Tara McCabe or Alexandra McCabe, laid out a familiar pattern: Reade ingratiated herself, explained she was down on her luck and needed help, and eventually took advantage of their goodwill to extract money, skip rent payments or walk out on other bills."

    Be careful what you wish for, because your wish just might come true.

    PBS NewsHour | May 15, 2020
    What 74 former Biden staffers think about Tara Reade's allegations - "Reade's attorney told the NewsHour that Reade recalls the assault happening 'in a semiprivate area like an alcove' and that it was "somewhere between the Russell (building) and/or Capitol building." He pointed out that survivors often have difficulty with specifics about trauma.

    "Reade's description aligns with other staffers' recollections of Biden's short indoor route between his office and the Capitol. It is a roughly 10-minute walk that consists of one flight of stairs and one long hallway inside the Russell Building, followed by a wide tunnel through which he could walk or take an internal subway train to the Capitol.

    "The layout of that route and building has not changed. A recent walk through that area showed the subway tunnel contains no out-of-view areas, like an alcove. The remaining portion of the route includes multiple stairwells as well as corridors lined with offices. It is a main thoroughfare for senators and staffers. Some former staffers told the NewsHour that if Biden did assault Reade in any of these places, it would have been a brazen attack in an area with a high risk of being seen."

    PBS NewsHour reporters were quite thorough in trying to assess Tara Reade's allegations against Joe Biden over an incident that purportedly happened 27 years ago. They ultimately interviewed 74 people who worked for Mr. Biden on Capitol Hill, including 20 who worked there at the same time as Ms. Reade. Not a single one of them would or could corroborate her primary accusation that Biden is a sexual predator.

    I believe many journalists wrote disparagingly about Joe Biden's denials of a sexual assault allegation simply because they didn't like him. And so, they used Tara Reade's story in their attempt to drive him from the 2020 presidential race, without ever really bothering to first examine the veracity of her claims.

    It's really a shame that it's come to this. No doubt, some will now be accusing the media of victim-shaming. But in many respects, Ms. Reade brought all this scrutiny on herself, particularly after she effectively doubled down on her allegations with her horrid and rather graphic online interview with Megyn Kelly. The alleged assailant she described to the former Fox News primetime host is a an animal who's fundamentally the opposite of Joe Biden's longstanding public persona.


    Streamers (5.00 / 1) (#50)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 10:25:43 PM EST
    Upload on Prime
    This is surprisingly good.  I had been avoiding it because I recently read a really really good book that deals with the same subject.  Roughly.  A digital afterlife.  The series is totally worth the time but you really should first read Fall, Or Dodge in Hell Neil Stephenson(Snowcrash, Cryptonomicon).  

    Picnic At Hanging Rock also Prime.

    HALFWORLDS on HBO streaming.

    It's crazy moth time. (5.00 / 1) (#51)
    by desertswine on Fri May 15, 2020 at 11:04:16 PM EST
    They're everywhere and getting into everything.  It's like a da*n invasion.  What we need is more bats or whatever eats moths.

    Among the more prominent (5.00 / 3) (#59)
    by KeysDan on Sat May 16, 2020 at 12:56:06 PM EST
    aspects of the Trump Pandemic Scandal is the willful and deprecatory attitude toward masks.  Universal masking would have gone a long way toward the early mitigation of the Covid-19 spread and done so in a relatively simple and inexpensive manner.  The re-opening of the economy would have been enabled much quicker and safer, especially when coupled with other reasonable hygienic guidelines, such as frequent hand washing.

    As Dr.Bright testified to Congress, the tragic policy that the universal usage of masks was unnecessary and, indeed, useless, was crafted to cover for the inadequate stockpile of masks---barely enough to supply health care workers, and no strategy to get enough for everyone.

    The story conjured up for public consumption was that most masks do not have the seal and filtration to protect from inhaling the virus.  But, that is not the only way masks work.  Masks reduce aerosolized droplet transmission to others and to surfaces that others may touch.  And, too, masks protect mouths and noses from droplets of others and impede the touching of the nose and mouth.

    Hong Kong, for example, started using masks from the virus get go.  Clinical observations indicate the universal masking in this densely populated city has been an important factor in reducing the gravity of the contagion.

    Trump, of course, pooh poohs the use of masks.  Apparently, not manly.  Or, perhaps, the mask rubs off his orange make-up.  By degrading the idea of universal masking, Trump sets a toxic example generating a type of political culture war.  

    It would be bad enough if the country was just unled---if he does not get it, or does not care, then get out of the way and let others do your job.  But, it is much worse.  Trump is actively working to destroy the health and welfare of the country. Make America Grovel Again, Die for Dow.  And, for me.

    Same thing down here (5.00 / 1) (#60)
    by fishcamp on Sat May 16, 2020 at 04:47:12 PM EST
    at Publics market.  They also have one way isles too with tape arrows on the floor.  I leave my cart at the end of an isle and walk up one and down the other so I can get outta there faster.
    It's also much more difficult to practice my Spanish with a mask on so I just speed through saying `buenas' to everybody and rush to my car to slather sanitizer on.  

    Publix (none / 0) (#63)
    by Ga6thDem on Sat May 16, 2020 at 05:24:15 PM EST
    here has the one way aisle arrows but no other grocery that I have been to does. Leaving your cart at the end and walking up the aisle is a smart thing to do.

    That Trump Space Force (5.00 / 1) (#66)
    by jondee on Sat May 16, 2020 at 06:42:51 PM EST
    flag looks like something from the props department in an Edward Wood Jr movie.

    Actually, it's almost a dead rip-off of (5.00 / 1) (#77)
    by leap on Sat May 16, 2020 at 09:00:43 PM EST
    the Star Trek Federation logo. I hope the Star Trek people sue Orangula's ample a$$ for copyright infringement.

    and (none / 0) (#70)
    by FlJoe on Sat May 16, 2020 at 07:25:28 PM EST
    the super duper missile was straight out of kindergarten.

    Now Trump doesn't (none / 0) (#72)
    by jondee on Sat May 16, 2020 at 07:31:57 PM EST
    have to attach firecrackers to frogs anymore.

    RIP Fred Willard (5.00 / 2) (#68)
    by CaptHowdy on Sat May 16, 2020 at 07:19:53 PM EST
    ... as a hyperbole-prone TV colorman at the Mayfair Kennel Club Dog Show in "Best in Show" (2000), in which director Christopher Guest allowed him tremendous leeway to consciously stream his character's boneheaded commentary, is a master class in improvisation that was Oscar nomination-worthy. Along with Bob Newhart, he was one of the best straight men in the history of TV and film comedy. Nobody could do amiable cluelessness like him. He'll be missed.

    Waiting for Guffman. (none / 0) (#116)
    by oculus on Sun May 17, 2020 at 07:44:38 PM EST
    Fernwood Tonight (none / 0) (#119)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 07:56:32 PM EST
    I was never the same after Fernwood Tonight.

    I will never forget the Shirley Temple lookalike with really bad teeth who tap danced on the ironlung  of her performing partner.  I forget what he did in the iron lung exactly.  It didn't matter no one was going to remember him no matter what he did.


    Got it (5.00 / 1) (#120)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 08:09:08 PM EST
    Fernwood 2 night (none / 0) (#121)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 08:30:16 PM EST
    WAs a spin off of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.  Imagined as a cable access talk show in Mary's town of Fernwood.

    Both Norman Lear brilliance that could probably never be made today.


    Fred (none / 0) (#143)
    by CaptHowdy on Mon May 18, 2020 at 01:39:57 PM EST
    We were given 2 hrs today (none / 0) (#150)
    by Militarytracy on Mon May 18, 2020 at 09:37:45 PM EST
    To retrieve Josh's things from his dorm. They staggered everyone's times so roommates weren't picking up at the same time or too many in a dorm. I think I wrote to you that Josh took two posters to school with him, the Red Faction poster you sent him long ago and a Democratic Socialist poster from the 40s that he ordered made.

    March 11th was the last day Josh had been there before today. I guess professors had been doing room inspections while things were shutdown. There was a note on the Red Faction poster from a professor. He said he wanted to talk to who owned the poster.

    Josh says he knows the professor, he is the professor who is starting their esports. They had a tryout before the Covid shutdown. Josh came in second and was asked to be on the college team. But the professor doesn't know that it is Josh who owns the poster.


    Thanks for sharing that (5.00 / 1) (#151)
    by CaptHowdy on Mon May 18, 2020 at 09:47:02 PM EST
    I had forgotten that

    I want so much to know (5.00 / 1) (#152)
    by Militarytracy on Mon May 18, 2020 at 09:59:20 PM EST
    What the discussion will be about. But I butt out. Josh has his own stuff going on now. Sad it may be fall or longer before there is a discussion that we can get to know about LOL

    I thought I was going to save myself any repair fee that using a nail could get me and used that crazy gooey double side tape. Don't ever do that. It took off drywall paper and I broke the frame. The poster is fine though. My God that stuff is wrong.


    Indeed RIP (5.00 / 1) (#69)
    by jondee on Sat May 16, 2020 at 07:22:32 PM EST
    I really liked him.

    He was a scene stealer in those (none / 0) (#75)
    by McBain on Sat May 16, 2020 at 07:59:40 PM EST
    Christopher Guest/Eugene Levy movies.  

    My friend Jack Nicholson's name (5.00 / 2) (#145)
    by fishcamp on Mon May 18, 2020 at 04:25:47 PM EST
    has been used Illegally  to promote a phony CBD oil company named Sonoma Valley Health, which is located in Tampa and has nothing to do with the Sonoma Valley..  some time ago I read on Google news that Jack loves their product and has invested in the company.  I should have known they were fake since Jack doesn't need any investments, but does use CBD oil for his ancient bones.  Sadly none of the CBD oils I have tried work for me and this latest one is totally fake.

    After ordering a free trial of the stuff they billed me $179.66 so I called them and after many words they agreed to refund me the full amount.  But low and behold they only refunded half.  So after even more stronger words they agreed to refund the other half.  We'll see soon if they do.

    I notified Jack's secretary and she knew nothing about it, but said Jack has a special attorney for problems like this.  My good deed of the day makes me feel great.

    Ha (5.00 / 1) (#146)
    by Ga6thDem on Mon May 18, 2020 at 04:50:14 PM EST
    Those fools in Tampa didn't know who they were messing with did they?

    Oh no, Eddie Haskell has died.. (5.00 / 2) (#147)
    by desertswine on Mon May 18, 2020 at 06:08:36 PM EST
    Actor Ken Osmond, who is best known for playing the smarmy Eddie Haskell on the long-running "Leave It To Beaver" sitcom, died Monday morning.

    Eddie haskell I remember him (none / 0) (#153)
    by Jeralyn on Tue May 19, 2020 at 04:17:19 AM EST
    Sad. I'm glad Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody and Clarabelle didn't have to live through corona virus.

    Room Rater (5.00 / 1) (#155)
    by CaptHowdy on Tue May 19, 2020 at 07:42:46 PM EST
    I received my June 2020 issue of The Atlantic (5.00 / 1) (#156)
    by Chuck0 on Wed May 20, 2020 at 10:35:42 AM EST
    yesterday. There is a long article on QAnon. Wow! Just wow.

    Can anyone here explain to me how this country got here? Where did these people come from? How do they manage to get dressed on a daily basis. Why are they allowed to roam free?

    There have always been cranks in the country. On the left and right. But holy cr@p. This is kookery and quackery cubed.

    Is it a failing of public education? The internet? It seems like the same people who swallow this stuff are the same type who followed Jim Jones or Marshall Applewhite. They belong in institutions, not mingling with the rest of us.

    I left a link to that article (none / 0) (#157)
    by CaptHowdy on Wed May 20, 2020 at 10:51:09 AM EST
    Few days ago.  It really if frightening.

    this one, right?


    Yes sir. (5.00 / 1) (#158)
    by Chuck0 on Wed May 20, 2020 at 11:59:08 AM EST
    That be the one.

    Some of the QAnon adherents quoted in the article have facebook pages with 100K to 300K followers. I would think that is not a high number. Would you know? That is somewhat hopeful. The low numbers.

    I have never had a facebook account. I was on twitter for a New York minute. I quit LinkedIn about 6 years ago. So I admit I am no expert on social media. I don't even get it. I guess being an anti-social curmudgeon limits my ability to understand the need to share my existence to the world on the internet. This forum is the extent of that.


    Hee (none / 0) (#159)
    by CaptHowdy on Wed May 20, 2020 at 12:15:07 PM EST
    I abandoned FB some years ago.  I have a TWITTER account only because you need one.  Just because.  But I agree it is a disease and a plague.

    If you know my name check out my current LinkedIn profile.

    I "updated" it a while back.

    The funny thing is since this padmemic "thing" I have been "zooming" with some of the people I abandoned on social media in the last few years and they seen honestly amazed that I am not only alive but scrappy.  It's been kinda fun.  

    I am now instigating a "zoom" with everyone I hated.


    It's (none / 0) (#160)
    by FlJoe on Wed May 20, 2020 at 12:16:44 PM EST
    not that fringy anymore
    Republican Jo Rae Perkins, now the official challenger to Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) in November, acknowledged her Tuesday night primary win with a proclamation of her solidarity with acolytes of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

    "Where we go one, we go all," she says in a Twitter video, brandishing a "#WWG1WG" sticker with the group's motto in hashtag form.

    "I stand with President Trump, I stand with Q and the team," she continues. "Thank you anons and thank you patriots. And together, we can save our republic."


    Check (none / 0) (#161)
    by Ga6thDem on Wed May 20, 2020 at 02:50:27 PM EST
    MMFA and they have an entire list of them, 35 in all, that are running for office that are Q apostles. One of them is here in GA.

    Two of my three (none / 0) (#162)
    by jmacWA on Wed May 20, 2020 at 02:58:31 PM EST
    Is it a failing of public education? The internet?

    1. Public education... absolutely the powers that be (afraid I can't say just the GOP) have been dumbing down the population since the late 80s.  IMO it started with Channel One, forced on many in middle school and up and really just a 5-10 minute commercial for the corporations and consumerism.

    2.  As someone who started in what is now called IT in 1970, I am hate to say that the Internet plays a huge part in this. It has become too easy to become non-curious.  You search for one thing, then the algorithms keep feeding you more and more, and subtly push you to where they want you to go to enrich the corporations and the 1%.

    3.  Marketing.  Apologies to all who make their living in this field, but this plays as big a part in this as the Internet.  Marketing science has come a long way from soap commercials on radio programs, and is now to the point where based on your past history which is constantly tracked via the internet and mobile devices, that they now feed you subliminal hints throughout your day.  Marketing is how you get the rubes to vote for tRump and at the same time say they need to depend on Social Security for their retirement.  IMO it is the most evil of the 3.

    Alexandra McCabe AKA Tara Reade (5.00 / 3) (#165)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 22, 2020 at 07:35:03 AM EST

    "Under the name Alexandra McCabe, Tara Reade has for years testified for the prosecution as an expert in domestic violence cases. But a number of California defense attorneys are considering challenging the convictions of their clients amid questions about whether Reade misrepresented her credentials under oath," Politico reports.

    "Reade, the former Joe Biden staffer who recently accused him of sexually assaulting her in 1993, stated she had an undergraduate degree that her college says she never earned and appears to have exaggerated her role in Biden's office."

    "Six cases involving Reade's testimony are already under review."

    Amicus brief in U.S. v. Flynn: (5.00 / 1) (#167)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Fri May 22, 2020 at 04:25:38 PM EST
    Filed by Laurence Tribe, George Conway, et al., offering an argument about separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary:

    "The government's motion improperly seeks to make this Court complicit in the Executive Branch's inexplicable about-face in the Flynn prosecution, by asking this Court to issue an order certifying that dismissal is in the 'public interest.' In addition, the government seeks to nullify this Court's determination formally accepting Mr. Flynn's guilty plea. The motion, in effect, seeks to reduce this Article III Court to a subordinate of the Article II Department of Justice, treating the federal judiciary as though it were an agency located on the Executive Branch organization chart headed by the President.


    "But the flipside of the proposition that there is no judicial power to direct the Executive Branch to initiate a prosecution (or, for that matter, to direct the Legislative Branch to legislate) is that there is no political power, legislative or executive, to oversee or direct the Judicial Branch in its final disposition of a fully prosecuted case.  The Department of Justice may recommend a sentence, but it cannot impose one itself.  Nor can it prevent this Court from imposing a lawful sentence on Michael Flynn.  And just as this Court may reject a plea agreement proposed by a prosecutor, it has the authority - and arguably the duty, given the circumstances of this case and the separation of powers - to deny the government's motion to dismiss.


    "Even if the government had a proper purpose for seeking dismissal of the Flynn prosecution, the government's motion comes far too late in the day.  The case already has been fully prosecuted.  Neither the government nor Mr. Flynn can point to any case in which the Executive Branch has moved to dismiss a prosecution after a guilty plea has been secured (let alone two guilty pleas) and a sentencing proceeding has already been commenced.  The absence of precedent is telling; it confirms the constitutional defect in the government's motion." (Emphasis is mine.)


    Gov. Cuomo pointed out NY state correctional (none / 0) (#1)
    by oculus on Thu May 14, 2020 at 07:29:41 PM EST
    officers who have been tested have a lower % of positive tests than the overall population of the state. He did not cite the number of state detainees/inmates who tested positive and/ or died.

    The Sentencing Resource Counsel of the (none / 0) (#2)
    by Peter G on Thu May 14, 2020 at 07:35:56 PM EST
    Federal Public Defender network claims that federal prisoners who have been tested have a 6x higher rate of positives than do members of the general population who have been tested. However, that could be because by and large they are only testing prisoners who are symptomatic.

    Lompoc, federal, minimum security. (none / 0) (#3)
    by oculus on Thu May 14, 2020 at 07:40:48 PM EST
    Outbreak makes one think of a meat-packing plant in the midwest.

    Outbreak of Covid (none / 0) (#4)
    by CaptHowdy on Thu May 14, 2020 at 08:06:26 PM EST
    In a nursing home in my town.  37 cases.  28 patients 9 staff.  4 deaths so far.

    There ya go. (none / 0) (#6)
    by Ga6thDem on Thu May 14, 2020 at 08:08:10 PM EST
    You said it was coming to your area soon and you were right.

    Hospitalizations have risen here in GA but not ventilators.


    This is not the place my nurse friend (none / 0) (#7)
    by CaptHowdy on Thu May 14, 2020 at 08:14:57 PM EST
    Worked before I talked him into retiring.  But it's in 51 nursing homes in the state

    Cases of COVID-19 spike in Sharp County, Ark. after testing at nursing facility

    It's a very small town.  Really just about everyone is going to know one or more of those 37


    Just talked to my brother (none / 0) (#12)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 08:21:34 AM EST
    Who knows everyone here and they do know a woman and her daughter who are both involved in this.

    He didn't know what the situation was only they were among the 37 and are still alive.

    They were both patients very sick mother mentally challenged daughter


    Talked for a bit with both (none / 0) (#13)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 08:33:56 AM EST
    My brother and his wife.  They are flummoxed by the way their friends are acting.  They are very much where I am as far as staying home, they don't even go to the store they pickup, they also think the current situation with outbreaks popping up while at the same time a whole lot of people, many of their Trumpie friends, just think it's over is a recipe for a perfect storm of disaster.

    Their friends are going back to pre pandemic life.  They were very worried about that and as I said flummoxed

    "They won't listen" she said.  "It's so frustrating".

    I said yeah, welcome to my world.  


    My brother and his wife (none / 0) (#31)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 01:55:02 PM EST
    77 & 74 are the exact "senior demo" that Trump is losing.

    Not bragging that my brother only saw the truth when his own life was threatened, I'm jus sayin.


    So what (none / 0) (#43)
    by Ga6thDem on Fri May 15, 2020 at 07:41:36 PM EST
    are they going to do? Just sit the election out? I am not sure what some of the Trumpers in my family are going to do. Probably some will be taking a pass while others will show up to vote for Trump either reluctantly or enthusiastically.

    I think they will vote for Biden (none / 0) (#44)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 07:49:17 PM EST
    Can't say for sure.  Biden might be the only democrat they would vote for.  Even if they want like it much.  They might stay home.  They could totally vote for someone like Amash.  Or Hulk Hogan.

    They won't vote for a Trump.


    Here just outside Pittsburgh (none / 0) (#32)
    by smott on Fri May 15, 2020 at 02:14:51 PM EST
    A nursing home has just been flattened. 400+ residents, 300+ positive, 71 deaths as of last week. And supposedly many more deaths not attributed to Covid, if family members are to be believed.
    This facility prophylacticly treated all residents with the malaria drug. Crazy. This was back when Trump touted it.

    My Dad is in assisted living in VA, and they have been locked  down in room since mid March. 3 meals a day brought in. It's a bore but so far only 5 residents positive w 1 death.

    My bet is this place outside Pgh did NOT lockdown residents in rooms and perhaps (worse) continued communal dining.

    The State is now taking over this facility w help from Natl Guard. Yikes.


    I (none / 0) (#34)
    by FlJoe on Fri May 15, 2020 at 02:31:59 PM EST
    am gobsmacked that this continues. It seemed obvious from day one that nursing homes were prime targets.

    By now it seems that these particular outbreaks should be declining or at least effectively nipped in the bud.


    Yeah, has to be room lockdown (none / 0) (#35)
    by smott on Fri May 15, 2020 at 02:55:26 PM EST
    Meals brought in.
    I wonder how many facilities are equipped for that. Or equipped to protect staff to deliver meals and so on.

    My Dad's facility has done extremely well but - all those elderly frail residents stuck in their rooms are losing their strength/muscle mass and becoming even more of a fall risk. My Dad has already had 2 falls. Broke 2 ribs.

    The VA State is not cooperative re getting physical therapists in. Or testing. My Dad finally was tested and should be able to get PT now, fingers crossed. They are finally letting a PT in. Hope Pops can get some improvement.

    It's really a mess with the older more frail population. Not just getting the virus, but physical fitness too.


    I wish your dad luck with his ribs. (none / 0) (#36)
    by sarcastic unnamed one on Fri May 15, 2020 at 02:59:32 PM EST
    Broken ribs are no joke when you're young and healthy, way tougher for older people.

    I broke two ribs over a year and a half ago and they were killing me yesterday after I worked out.


    Yeah really (none / 0) (#38)
    by smott on Fri May 15, 2020 at 05:20:43 PM EST
    Poor Dad said he fainted from the pain when he fell.
    But they're telling us it's far better than a broken hip.

    I broke one (none / 0) (#79)
    by Jeralyn on Sat May 16, 2020 at 11:21:05 PM EST
    in 2018 and two in 2019 and they were painful for weeks, maybe months. Bones do get frail when we age. But they are much preferred to a broken hip. I remember when my mother was in her nursing home and broke her pelvis, and the doctor told me to be glad it wasn't her hip. Hope you dad feels better soon.

    Here, too. (none / 0) (#19)
    by sarcastic unnamed one on Fri May 15, 2020 at 12:05:10 PM EST
    Thing is (none / 0) (#20)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 12:24:21 PM EST
    In that town 37 is about 3-4% of the population

    gotcha (none / 0) (#22)
    by sarcastic unnamed one on Fri May 15, 2020 at 12:28:53 PM EST
    and probably the patients are mostly locals?

    Every one I expect (none / 0) (#23)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 12:32:51 PM EST
    People from the community

    There are a lot of care facilities (none / 0) (#24)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 12:37:22 PM EST
    Around here.  Every town has at least one.  That one has three.

    But everyone wants mom as close as possible.  

    There has been much less neglect and abuse in them than in larger places we keep hearing about.  I think probably because everyone knows everyone.


    A federal judge in CT yesterday (none / 0) (#5)
    by Jeralyn on Thu May 14, 2020 at 08:06:48 PM EST
    issued this amazing opinion on Danbury in CT and granted a TRO against the warden and prison officials -- it's 72 pages but the first few and last 5 or six pages are all you need

    Fantastic news, and a great joint effort (none / 0) (#8)
    by Peter G on Thu May 14, 2020 at 09:35:56 PM EST
    by the prison clinic professors and students at Yale Law (the clinic where I worked as a student) and at Quinnipiac Law. Awesome. Similar to the initial results of the case brought at the federal prison in Elkton OH, but a very different outcome (so far) from the similar effort at Devens MA.

    trump is mobilizing the military.. (none / 0) (#9)
    by desertswine on Thu May 14, 2020 at 10:26:45 PM EST
    ostensibly to distribute covid-19 vaccine.

    "You know, it's a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we're going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly."

    says trump.   Except there is no effing vaccine.

    Sequencing. (none / 0) (#10)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Fri May 15, 2020 at 08:17:10 AM EST
    You need the distribution channel geared up before the product is available.

    Still (none / 0) (#15)
    by FlJoe on Fri May 15, 2020 at 09:46:30 AM EST
    cart before the horse, in any case the physical logistics of vaccine delivery should be a snap.

    My back of the envelope calculations say 100k + doses in a semi load and 1 mil+ for a cargo jet.

    The real bottle neck will be manufacturing, I would wager that Fed-ex overnight could deliver doses as  as fast as they are produced.


    Or (none / 0) (#16)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 10:04:15 AM EST
    Come (none / 0) (#17)
    by FlJoe on Fri May 15, 2020 at 10:18:18 AM EST
    on, that article quotes scientists and industry experts, why should we listen to them. Besides glass vials are so un-sexy.

    First (none / 0) (#21)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 12:27:29 PM EST
    This is the freakin 1st world in the 21st century.  How can their be a shortage of something as simple as glass vials.

    Second, we know this now, right.  May 14th we know this.  How much do you want to bet that in 12-18 months or whenever they are needed there will STILL be a shortage of glass freakin vials.


    We (none / 0) (#25)
    by FlJoe on Fri May 15, 2020 at 12:55:29 PM EST
    are in luck, Kushner was not named to the "Warp Speed" team, there is a chance someone will figure out the vial problem.

    It looks like they are going to ramp up at risk manufacturing of promising vaccines. It's hard to believe they would  do that and leave out that detail.

    tRump more or less promised some kind of vaccine by the end of the year, I predict that there will be a push to announcement right before the election some"promising" but unproven going into production.


    Maybe in (none / 0) (#26)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 12:56:47 PM EST
    Juice boxes for the Trumpers.

    The flagon with the dragon... (none / 0) (#30)
    by desertswine on Fri May 15, 2020 at 01:33:00 PM EST
    The vaccine will be in the Kool-Aid.

    Trump just now (none / 0) (#27)
    by CaptHowdy on Fri May 15, 2020 at 01:21:36 PM EST
    "I just want to make something clear. It's very important. Vaccine or no vaccine, we're back."

    We don't need no stinking vials


    I had a plastics engineer client who (none / 0) (#18)
    by Peter G on Fri May 15, 2020 at 11:04:07 AM EST
    had a factory that made those vials. Then the crack dealers offered him more to make vials for them instead. At first they lied to him and said the vials were for perfume samples (for distribution to customers on the floor of fancy department stores). Client was really mad when he found out that the drug wholesalers lied to him about what the vials were for. He said he could have designed them better, to make the rock look bigger thru the  glass or plastic, if he had known! (This did not go over well with the judge later.) BTW, he was the same guy who designed the Scrabble board with the raised plastic ridges around the squares, for "travel Scrabble."

    Interesting, Peter. (none / 0) (#41)
    by oculus on Fri May 15, 2020 at 07:35:26 PM EST
    Should be a snap. (none / 0) (#46)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Fri May 15, 2020 at 07:53:24 PM EST
    Famous last words.  The security needs alone for the distribution of this vaccine will likely dwarf any previous experience.

    A (5.00 / 1) (#52)
    by FlJoe on Sat May 16, 2020 at 07:56:03 AM EST
    little extra security is probably warranted, but unless you are envisioning a Mad Max scenario mobilizing the military is silly overkill.

    It's amazing how you small government types abandon the private sector on the whims of your Dear Leader.


    Tinfoil uprising.. (none / 0) (#58)
    by jondee on Sat May 16, 2020 at 12:24:48 PM EST
    by the the time the conspiracytards, who are in full mass hysteria mode at the moment, are finished, the military may have to contend with an armed-and-dangerous insurgency that may warrant the very "gun grab" wingnuts have been fretting about for so long.

    The military is very good at logistics. (none / 0) (#106)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Sun May 17, 2020 at 04:01:16 PM EST
    When one considers the logistics of first assembling and then coordinating a mass nationwide distribution network to deliver one or more COVID vaccines to over 300 million people, the CDC could benefit from the military's expertise and counsel. Look how quickly the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was able to deploy the necessary resources throughout the country to plan, design and construct several large field hospitals in New York, Chicago, Seattle, etc. They are a real asset in that respect.

    Military operations (none / 0) (#107)
    by jondee on Sun May 17, 2020 at 04:22:13 PM EST
    are the one "Big Government program" the Right usually has minimal problems with..

    Maybe if the FDA and EPA had uniforms, unfurled giant flags at halftime, and had fighter jets flying overhead, they'd get a little more respect.


    Or if their primary mission was (none / 0) (#108)
    by Peter G on Sun May 17, 2020 at 05:32:38 PM EST
    to take lives in aid of government policy, rather than to save lives.

    Catch and release. (none / 0) (#11)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Fri May 15, 2020 at 08:20:57 AM EST
    I'm more concerned about ... (none / 0) (#33)
    by Yman on Fri May 15, 2020 at 02:25:21 PM EST
    ... what kind of person wants suspects locked in a jail/petri dish awaiting trial for non-violent felonies and misdemeanors.

    I'm guessing the same kind that pretends to be concerned about poor, brown people because he can't do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.


    The devil is Blue.. (none / 0) (#48)
    by jondee on Fri May 15, 2020 at 08:53:10 PM EST
    the reich noise machine has been obsessively pushing the meme recently that California is this dystopian nightmare place where no decent folk should dare set foot..

    Fox started having a regular horrible-things-happening-in-California segment awhile back. Apparently all the apocalyptic signs 'n wonders are in full swing in the golden state.


    California is fine (none / 0) (#96)
    by MKS on Sun May 17, 2020 at 11:32:16 AM EST
    We have one of the lowest rates of covid deaths and infections.

    The Bay Area, which conservatives love to bash, beat the snot out of the virus very early on.  Not many deaths or infections there at all.  Really stunning.  Almost New Zealand like.

    Most of the cases--by far--in California are in LA.


    If only all those white wingbats in ... (none / 0) (#136)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Mon May 18, 2020 at 10:49:12 AM EST
    ... the LA Times comment sections would follow through on their perpetual pledges to move out of the state they regularly characterize as a cesspool of "illegals" and liberalism run amok, California might finally be a veritable paradise.

    "First thing y'know, ol' Jed's a millionaire.
    The kinfolk said, 'Jed, move away from there.'
    They said, 'Mississippi is the place you oughta go.'
    So they packed up the truck and they moved to Tupelo."

    Nah, it wouldn't have worked.


    The wages of stupid (none / 0) (#84)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Sun May 17, 2020 at 08:48:24 AM EST
    I dunno (5.00 / 1) (#85)
    by MKS on Sun May 17, 2020 at 09:14:58 AM EST
    It seems to me drinking Clorox to ward off the coronavirus, or saying the virus will just go away.....not too bright either.

    Do you acknowledge the idiocy of your guy?


    Sooner or later it will go away. (none / 0) (#90)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Sun May 17, 2020 at 10:37:11 AM EST
    You aren't a science denier are you?

    That (none / 0) (#93)
    by FlJoe on Sun May 17, 2020 at 11:06:22 AM EST
    sooner or later carries a lot of weight. Best case scenario, even with a cheap, highly effective vaccine, the sooner is measured in years and the later is decades.

    tRump said it would be gone last month. Another stupid argument in defense of your Dear Leader.


    Decades (none / 0) (#122)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Mon May 18, 2020 at 07:25:52 AM EST
    Who came up with that wild guess?  Good luck finding a similar  disease that runs that long. The faster a communicable disease spreads the sooner it burns out. Farr's law has not been repealed.

    Anyway, there are solutions if it is a long haul.

    Further, if you are in good health and too young for Medicare your chances of death are higher from traffic accidents.


    History (5.00 / 1) (#123)
    by FlJoe on Mon May 18, 2020 at 07:54:41 AM EST
    came up with that "wild guess". Smallpox took many decades to eradicate after vaccine development, polio is still hanging on in corners of the world and measles outbreaks are still popping up four decades after an effective vaccine was developed.

    And then there is the (none / 0) (#129)
    by CaptHowdy on Mon May 18, 2020 at 09:13:28 AM EST
    Army of dumb shi+ mouth breathing anti vaxxers who have already said they will never be vaccinated.

    One of the beliefs (none / 0) (#131)
    by jondee on Mon May 18, 2020 at 09:45:36 AM EST
    is that Dr Evil is planning on planting tiny transmitters in people's bodies with the vaccines..

    It's a variation on the Behold a Pale Horse far-right paranoia that was going around in the seventies and eighties about barcodes and people being given "The Mark of the Beast" barcode tattoos..


    Put your money where your mouth is, Abdul. (5.00 / 1) (#137)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Mon May 18, 2020 at 10:59:01 AM EST
    Why don't you organize a coronavirus party with a couple dozen of your best friends, expose yourselves to the virus and put Farr's law to the ultimate test.

    If that's one wackadoodle idea too far, even for a white-wing braggadocio like yourself, then please stop Baghdad Bobbing us with these irresponsible Fox News talking points.



    Viruses mutate (none / 0) (#124)
    by jmacWA on Mon May 18, 2020 at 07:59:32 AM EST
    Ever had the common cold?

    It's been around for decades and there is still no cure or vaccine


    Not very similar. (none / 0) (#125)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Mon May 18, 2020 at 08:11:24 AM EST
    Farr's law works faster in diseases that remove potential future infection candidates from  the population.

    change (none / 0) (#128)
    by FlJoe on Mon May 18, 2020 at 09:06:18 AM EST
    the goalposts by claiming they are not similar, without showing your work. There are many diseases with much higher transmission rates that did not disappear on their own. Smallpox and Covid-19 appear to have the same mode of transmission and comparable

    I understand Farr's law, but it is an idealized mathematical function which does not account for
    any mitigation efforts by the subject population, a mitigation you apparently want to eschew.

    By the way, approximately one percent (a bit of an educated guess here) of the potential candidates will be dead. The low ball estimate for herd immunity is around 60 which translate to around 2 million deaths in this country.

    Go ahead and argue for faster is better, or whatever your point is, but don't be so intellectually lazy about it.



    Respiratory diseases (none / 0) (#166)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Fri May 22, 2020 at 04:14:42 PM EST
    Are more alike each other than like non-respiratory diseases.

    The (none / 0) (#168)
    by FlJoe on Fri May 22, 2020 at 04:42:19 PM EST
    math does not care about the symptoms, Farr's law will show the same curve if the R0 and susceptible population are equal no matter how the disease presents.

    I highly recommend, AAA, that you stay (none / 0) (#126)
    by Peter G on Mon May 18, 2020 at 08:24:33 AM EST
    at least six feet away from moving cars.

    Rubbish (none / 0) (#94)
    by MKS on Sun May 17, 2020 at 11:27:52 AM EST
    Of course, it will in the long run go away.  The Bubonic Plague went away too.  Have you given up trying to contain it at all?

    But you know all this.  

    Trolling or blog clogging, are we?


    The brains of the family, Eric (none / 0) (#97)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 11:33:37 AM EST
    Told Judge Pirro it will disappear on Nov 4th

    That it's just a democratic plot to defeat his daddy.

    No wonder they are so frightened and paranoid they seem to think we have control of the primal forces of nature.


    Howdy (none / 0) (#99)
    by MKS on Sun May 17, 2020 at 11:38:32 AM EST
    I really did not believe what you wrote--until I read the idiot actually said that.  

    Delusional.  Mad.   Telling the experts to shove it.  I am sorry, but Godwin's Law has to be repealed for these mad and dangerous fools.

    It all sounds like a certain authoritarian leader refusing to accept what his Generals were telling him.


    Understandable (none / 0) (#102)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 12:04:59 PM EST
    how about the other one calling Biden a pedophile

    I'm afraid it's all downhill from here


    and (none / 0) (#103)
    by FlJoe on Sun May 17, 2020 at 12:49:22 PM EST
    there is no bottom.

    Fox News: Dumbing Down America since 1996. (none / 0) (#139)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Mon May 18, 2020 at 11:23:05 AM EST
    "Tonight on Justice with Judge Jeanine: When a pampered idiotic failson of an imbecilic pseudo-president talks with our perpetually Stoli-stoned host, anything can happen - and boy, does it!"

    Judge Jeanine is must-see TV. You should've seen her about five weeks ago, when she went on the air nearly ten minutes late and showed up on camera disheveled-looking and - well, let's just say she appeared to be happy-buzzed.



    Heh, what about Clorox? (none / 0) (#95)
    by MKS on Sun May 17, 2020 at 11:29:10 AM EST
    Let's see your defense of that one.

    Cool story (none / 0) (#91)
    by Yman on Sun May 17, 2020 at 10:43:16 AM EST
    Lot of wingnut cops, especially elected sheriffs.

    Of course,  I guers there's a reason you don't answer a simple question.


    Ok ok Mrs Pirro (none / 0) (#104)
    by jondee on Sun May 17, 2020 at 03:22:48 PM EST
    we get it: California is the epicenter of degeneracy, subversion, and unholiness in the U.S.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but didn't your Orange Jesus also champion the early release of non-violent offenders?


    Three briefs (none / 0) (#14)
    by MKS on Fri May 15, 2020 at 09:26:34 AM EST
    Sounds like lots of work......

    there's not much else we can do (none / 0) (#83)
    by Jeralyn on Sat May 16, 2020 at 11:32:01 PM EST
    other than read discovery and write motions and briefs. And pay bills.

    What about the right (none / 0) (#86)
    by MKS on Sun May 17, 2020 at 09:17:48 AM EST
    to jury trial in criminal cases?  How do they do that now?  Just continue everything?

    In civil cases, there is a lot more that can be done....arbitrations, mediations, etc., that can be done remotely or in very small groups that can socially distance....

    Would they do trial by Zoom in criminal cases?  And how would anyone know if it is constitutional?


    Not likely given constitutional right to (5.00 / 2) (#113)
    by oculus on Sun May 17, 2020 at 07:40:22 PM EST
    confrontation.  Big issue with statute permitting minor victim, at judge's discretion, to testify via video in molestation cases.

    Finally a playbook (none / 0) (#47)
    by Repack Rider on Fri May 15, 2020 at 08:12:30 PM EST
    The new White House playbook has an entire chapter dedicated to the efficacy of rage-tweeting.

    Obamagate! (none / 0) (#49)
    by jondee on Fri May 15, 2020 at 08:58:54 PM EST
    Trump when pressed can't pinpoint a single one of the crimes that occurred, but it's enough that he knows it happened and that the Fake News! media won't cover it.



    FDA at work. (none / 0) (#53)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Sat May 16, 2020 at 10:10:30 AM EST
    Yes (5.00 / 6) (#54)
    by Ga6thDem on Sat May 16, 2020 at 10:59:32 AM EST
    anything to deflect from the incompetence of Trump.

    Yeah, stupid regulations (5.00 / 2) (#55)
    by MKS on Sat May 16, 2020 at 11:09:46 AM EST
    Just let the free market decide.  Some people just won't make it, but, you know, we have to get the economy going again.

    Let people be free--free to infect other people.

    And if some people are not strong enough to live, too bad.

    This is basically the position of the Federalist Society.  


    Yes, get rid of (5.00 / 3) (#57)
    by KeysDan on Sat May 16, 2020 at 11:28:06 AM EST
    regulations, except let's wing it with hydroxychloroquine and Clorox IV.  Note to Bill Gates:  Do not criticize Trump.

    Free market? (none / 0) (#88)
    by Abdul Abulbul Amir on Sun May 17, 2020 at 09:24:44 AM EST
    The tests were approved by the state of Washington.  Given the FDA's piss poor record of approving the flawed CDC test a bit of humility rather than turf protection would be more appropriate.

    All the more so for two reasons.  1. Unlike drugs, tests have no risk of harm to the tested.  2. There is no test now nor is there ever likely to be one that is 100% free of false positives and false negatives.

    As an aside, the countries that opened up to third party test resources are reporting generally good outcomes.


    "Bit of humility" (none / 0) (#98)
    by MKS on Sun May 17, 2020 at 11:35:08 AM EST
    is good for thee but not me.....Is that what you are saying?

    When has Trump, the GOP, or its supporters, even been humble?


    "Humility" (none / 0) (#100)
    by MKS on Sun May 17, 2020 at 11:42:18 AM EST
    is the new buzz word in GOP circles.

    That is what kooky Rand Paul told Dr. Fauci during the Senate Hearing.

    So, all the lemmings are going around saying "humility" on cue.

    And I thought they were all about projecting confidence, manliness and toughness.


    These people get on message (none / 0) (#105)
    by jondee on Sun May 17, 2020 at 03:25:03 PM EST
    and stay on message. Like a yellowjacket swarm communicating with pheromones.

    Oh, absolutely. (none / 0) (#71)
    by Donald from Hawaii on Sat May 16, 2020 at 07:29:16 PM EST
    I mean, why the need for all this testing, when coronavirus can be cured by a Pine Sol/Clorox smoothie, right?

    Stop gaslighting everyone, Abdul.


    No sure he knows (none / 0) (#101)
    by MKS on Sun May 17, 2020 at 11:43:08 AM EST
    what is true or not.  Just following the lead of his betters.

    I went to (none / 0) (#56)
    by Ga6thDem on Sat May 16, 2020 at 11:23:19 AM EST
    Walmart this morning and it seems that Walmart has taken it upon themselves to enforce social distancing since the last time I was in there it wasn't happening. They had yellow tape around poles and employees directing people into and out of the store. I am totally not surprised that it had to come to that with the number of Trumpers around here.

    Probably a company wide thing (none / 0) (#61)
    by CaptHowdy on Sat May 16, 2020 at 05:03:15 PM EST
    They did that here a while ago.  I have commented before on them being the same not safe place to shop here.

    They have been refining it over the weeks.  They are getting pretty good at crowd control and people flow.


    The last time (none / 0) (#62)
    by Ga6thDem on Sat May 16, 2020 at 05:22:48 PM EST
    I was there it was nothing short of a disaster and have not been there for weeks due to the fact that no employees had masks and people were bunching up etc. etc. So they may have implemented it here a while back too but I wouldn't know since I haven't been since the last time.

    It happened very early here (none / 0) (#64)
    by CaptHowdy on Sat May 16, 2020 at 05:38:42 PM EST
    I have actually been impressed.  They have dozens (it's a big store) of people who's only job is crowd control.  There are two main doors at opposite ends each with an in and an out door.

    There is a person out front making sure no one enters thru the exit, a person on each door making sure people don't bunch up to use them and people just walking around keeping people apart.

    All employees have been masked for weeks.


    Perhaps they did a better job at stores (none / 0) (#80)
    by Chuck0 on Sat May 16, 2020 at 11:24:05 PM EST
    In Arkansas because that's close home for Walmart.

    More information coming out on the (none / 0) (#65)
    by McBain on Sat May 16, 2020 at 06:36:51 PM EST
    Ahmaud Arbery Case...

    Channel 2′s Tony Thomas obtained text messages sent by a Glynn County police officer to Larry English, who owned the construction site where Arbery appeared on surveillance video before he was shot and killed.

    The texts instructed English, who lives two hours away from the property, to call Gregory McMichael if any issues came up with people caught trespassing.

    "Greg is retired law enforcement and also a retired investigator from the DA's office," was the message Officer Robert Rash texted to English on Dec. 20, 2019. Rush also included McMichael's phone number and conveyed the message that McMichael "said please call him day or night when you get action on your camera."

    Perhaps this will help the McMichaels' criminal defense and open up a civil suit for Arbery's family against Georgia Police.

    Perhaps white guys (5.00 / 4) (#67)
    by MKS on Sat May 16, 2020 at 07:19:50 PM EST
    should stop shooting black unarmed guys.  Just saying.

    And perhaps white guys with guns should stop being vigilantes.....


    Have you seen the reporting (none / 0) (#82)
    by Chuck0 on Sat May 16, 2020 at 11:30:01 PM EST
    That McMichael had failed to complete required annual training, for years. Including use of force training. He was no more qualified in law enforcement than me.

    I did read that (none / 0) (#89)
    by McBain on Sun May 17, 2020 at 10:25:21 AM EST
    How do you think it relates to this case?

    He was removed by District Attorney from his (none / 0) (#115)
    by oculus on Sun May 17, 2020 at 07:43:57 PM EST
    position as D A investigator.

    But how relevant is that? (none / 0) (#138)
    by McBain on Mon May 18, 2020 at 11:11:12 AM EST
    Lot's of interesting information and opinions coming out but I'm not sure how they are going to factor into this case.

    Perhaps what really matters is the shooting itself, not so much the events that led Arbery and the McMichaels to be at the scene of the shooting.  


    "Perhaps" - heh (5.00 / 3) (#144)
    by Yman on Mon May 18, 2020 at 03:21:40 PM EST
    I understand why the McMichaels' apologists want to focus on the shooting in a vacuum - because the McMichaels can make up any story that's not contradicted by the tape.  The reality, however, is that the events that led them to the scene are absolutely critical to their claimed self-defense.  As ridiculous as it is, Georgia's citizen arrest laws allow any Joe Sixpack to play cop.  In fact, the reason the original prosecutor cited for not prosecuting the McMichaels was a claim that they had "solid first hand probable cause" (whatever that means) that he was a "burglary suspect."  In Georgia, In Georgia, a private person may arrest someone if a crime is committed in his presence or "within his immediate knowledge" and can stop someone from escaping a felony only if they have "reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion."  There is no evidence that Arbery committed ANY crime, let alone one that the McMichaels knew about, let alone a felony which would've justified their pursuit and attempt to detain him.  All of which is extremely relevant to any case of self-defense they might claim while they are pursuing and using weapons to detain an unarmed man.

    But I understand why some would prefer to ignore all of that and focus on the portion of the story that can't be contradicted by the victim.


    I think it's an indication (none / 0) (#132)
    by Chuck0 on Mon May 18, 2020 at 10:14:52 AM EST
    he didn't know what was an appropriate use of force. Or considering he didn't take ANY of the required training for years, he didn't have a clue what was legal and not legal with regard to stopping anyone.

    They better hope the state of GA has father/son berthing in their prisons. The alternative for these two might be unpleasant in a GA state prison.


    According to the homeowner (none / 0) (#127)
    by CST on Mon May 18, 2020 at 08:55:38 AM EST
    He didn't contact them.

    ""I don't want it to be put out and misused and misinterpreted for people to think that I had accused Mr. Arbery of stealing or robbery, because I never did," Larry English, the homeowner told CNN's Chris Cuomo Tuesday night.

    "By the time Larry saw the video, Mr. Arbery had been killed," English's attorney, Elizabeth Graddy, said."



    Mr. English is (none / 0) (#133)
    by KeysDan on Mon May 18, 2020 at 10:31:24 AM EST
    reported to suggest that Mr. Arbery's stops at his construction site were for water: there were two such water spigots, in the back near the river and in the front, both out of the range of the security views.  

    Mr. English (none / 0) (#135)
    by Ga6thDem on Mon May 18, 2020 at 10:37:36 AM EST
    as reported in the news here has been absolutely horrified about the murder and is thinking about not moving into the house.

    Intersting but in regards to the murder charge (none / 0) (#140)
    by McBain on Mon May 18, 2020 at 11:35:05 AM EST
    I'm not sure it matters if Arbery stopped for water or to steal something.  
    If he stopped for water it doesn't necessarily mean the shooting wasn't legally justified.
    If he stopped to steal something it doesn't necessarily mean it was.
    It's difficult to tell from the video of the shooting if the McMichaels shot in self defense.



    As you mentioned (5.00 / 1) (#142)
    by KeysDan on Mon May 18, 2020 at 12:25:56 PM EST
    in a previous comment, the shooting itself and it's video evidence are fundamental to the charges.  It seems, though, that  loosely adjacent stories are intended to muddy the waters.  As with construction tools, there was no reporting by Mr. English of water missing.

    Logic 101 (none / 0) (#149)
    by Repack Rider on Mon May 18, 2020 at 08:35:06 PM EST
    It's difficult to tell from the video of the shooting if the McMichaels shot in self defense.

    It is difficult to understand why anyone would even speculate that a guy in a t-shirt and shorts might spontaneously attack three armed guys in vehicles.

    Just to complete the speculation, can you give me an example of a reason why Mr. Arbery might attack these people? It doesn't even have to be true, but it has to comport with the evidence.


    I don't know what Arbery or the McMichaels (none / 0) (#154)
    by McBain on Tue May 19, 2020 at 11:27:45 AM EST
    were thinking. My general opinion of confrontations is sometimes people make really bad decisions when they get scared or angry.

    In this video of an unrelated police confrontation involving Arbery from 2017, I believe questionable decisions are made by Arbery and one of the officers out of fear and/or anger.   I'm not saying this video clears up what happened during the fatal encounter, just saying people are emotional and imperfect which sometimes that leads to tragic results.


    Your post isn't worthy of much of a response (none / 0) (#74)
    by McBain on Sat May 16, 2020 at 07:57:54 PM EST
    Once again the media has led people to jump to conclusions. I don't know if the McMichaels are guilty of murder here.  Neither do you. It's unclear what role, if any, race had to do with the outcome.

    If you want a discussion, don't let emotion get the better of you.  

    I deleted the comment (none / 0) (#81)
    by Jeralyn on Sat May 16, 2020 at 11:29:05 PM EST
    you are replying to and the one that followed it. Commenters may not call each other racists (or other defamatory names) here. Take that elsewhere.

    Works fer me (none / 0) (#87)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 09:21:50 AM EST
    She's (none / 0) (#92)
    by FlJoe on Sun May 17, 2020 at 10:50:50 AM EST
    been on my radar for a while, Biden could do worse.

    You are correct she is tough and she has a no nonsense demeanor that is appealing for a leader.


    Surprise (none / 0) (#109)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 05:46:50 PM EST
    The SAFE Banking Act is contained within the 1,815-page HEROES Act

    But beginning on page 1,066 of the HEROES Act, and continuing through page 1,091, you'll find the exact language used in the SAFE Banking Act that passed on the House floor in September. In other words, as the HEROES Act is written now, its passage would free up banks to provide financial services to pot stocks without the fear of federal prosecution or monetary penalties, as well as make pot businesses eligible for COVID-19 financial relief.

    Finished the Atlanta child murders documentary (none / 0) (#110)
    by McBain on Sun May 17, 2020 at 06:01:23 PM EST
    on HBO a few days ago.  Good but very sad.  

    The Innocence Files Docuseries on Netflix about several people wrongfully convicted was fascinating.  Maybe someday there will be an episode about Wayne Williams (convicted of two Atlanta murders).  I don't know if he was wrongfully convicted but it didn't look like he received a fair trial.

    HBO's Natalie Wood documentary wasn't quite as depressing as the others I mentioned. It was mostly about her life but it did cover her tragic death. Some good interviews with Robert Wagner and Robert Redford but no Christopher Walken.

    Monstrum (none / 0) (#111)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 06:43:35 PM EST
    Ok, yes.  It sounds dumb.  And is.  But it's also great.  Beautifully shot, beautiful production, even the effects are excellent.  I mentioned the streaming service SHUDDER before.

    Trailer] Wild-Looking South Korean Monster Movie `Monstrum' Comes to Shudder This Week

    It's just great.  The best part is the monster which looks like maybe the result of breeding Hello Kitty and King Kong.

    Snowpiercer (none / 0) (#112)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 07:39:36 PM EST
    "TNT's adaptation of Bong Joon-ho's 2013 dystopia parable"

    Starts tonight


    Sorry (none / 0) (#114)
    by CaptHowdy on Sun May 17, 2020 at 07:41:04 PM EST
    Dystopia (none / 0) (#117)
    by Ga6thDem on Sun May 17, 2020 at 07:53:25 PM EST
    it's what I feel like we are living in these days. Ironically now we even have the masks from the Handmaid's Tale. Life imitating art more and more.

    Got me to thinking (none / 0) (#118)
    by Ga6thDem on Sun May 17, 2020 at 07:56:28 PM EST
    and I googled Handmaid's Tale and there actually is going to be a season 4. I thought the series was done with 3. it was supposed to come out this summer but covid has delayed the release. We may be watching this dystopian tale while participating in this dystopian election.

    The Snowpiercer pilot was very good (none / 0) (#130)
    by CaptHowdy on Mon May 18, 2020 at 09:16:53 AM EST
    And on the subject of Sunday night tv

    Killing Eve is killing it this season.  Just amazing.  Every episode is better than the last.  I didn't think it could get better than last weeks telling of how Oxana meets, and kills, her family.


    So... (none / 0) (#134)
    by CaptHowdy on Mon May 18, 2020 at 10:36:20 AM EST
    NOT just about an aid running errands


    Josh Lederman
    JUST IN - 2 sources confirm to me that State Dept IG Linick was also investigating use of emergency declaration last year to sell arms to Saudis over objections of Congress

    Turns out BIRTHERISM (none / 0) (#141)
    by CaptHowdy on Mon May 18, 2020 at 12:16:13 PM EST
    Is not an actual crime.  Who knew?

    "Attorney General William Barr said that he did not expect the prosecutor he handpicked to review the 2016 FBI investigation into President Trump's campaign would investigate former president Barack Obama or former vice president Joe Biden -- an assertion that is likely to dismay Trump and his conservative allies," the Washington Post reports.

    Great (none / 0) (#148)
    by FlJoe on Mon May 18, 2020 at 06:59:08 PM EST
    Moderna Therapeutics' potential coronavirus vaccine showed promise in its first round of human trials, fueling executives' hopes that it could be ready this year.
    even my innate cynicism was muted for a few hour until I saw this
    The former pharma executive tapped by President Donald Trump to lead the federal government's hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine has more than $10 million in stock options in one of the companies receiving federal funding.
    I bet you can't guess what company.

    This is overdue (none / 0) (#163)
    by CaptHowdy on Thu May 21, 2020 at 05:28:09 PM EST

    Georgia arrests man who filmed Ahmaud Arbery's killing -- and charges him with felony murder

    On Thursday, KVUE reported that William "Roddie" Bryan Jr., the man who allegedly filmed the killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, has been arrested on charges of felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.

    Bryan has been booked into the Glynn County Jail, according to the report. Authorities have not yet released any additional details on the matter.

    Georgia law links (none / 0) (#170)
    by McBain on Sat May 23, 2020 at 02:52:35 PM EST
    A person commits the offense of false imprisonment when, in violation of the personal liberty of another, he arrests, confines, or detains such person without legal authority.


    A person commits the offense of criminal attempt when, with intent to commit a specific crime, he performs any act which constitutes a substantial step toward the commission of that crime.

    Interesting that Bryan has been charged with criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, not the McMichaels.    


    Time (none / 0) (#164)
    by FlJoe on Thu May 21, 2020 at 05:35:12 PM EST
    for McBain to show up with some weak tea defense.

    Watching Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas (none / 0) (#169)
    by CaptHowdy on Sat May 23, 2020 at 11:19:21 AM EST
    I am seeing lots of Corona beverage commercials.  Beer, seltzer.  

    Tough break

    Reminds me of that ubiquitous diet candy of the 70s called Ayds

    But it's racing season! (none / 0) (#171)
    by Yman on Sun May 24, 2020 at 02:44:18 PM EST
    Ace Speedway Jammed With Fans Not Social Distancing or Wearing Masks

    Oh, ... the stupid.  As a species, we're doomed.

    Lake of the Ozarks (5.00 / 1) (#172)
    by MO Blue on Sun May 24, 2020 at 08:18:49 PM EST
    A popular Memorial weekend spot is also packed. Party goers at bars and restaurants are also elbow to elbow, no reduction in capacity and not a mask in sight.

    Crowds flock to Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks over Memorial Day weekend