Bachelorette Hannah: A Hit or Misfire?

Bachelorette Hannah is starting her "journey to find love" and taking us along for the ride.

She has a very annoying southern accent, and has trouble articulating her thoughts. She is so syrupy it's enough to turn me off sugar completely. At first, I wasn't going to watch. But, having seen the previews, it looks like she will be so raw and unfiltered, I'm going to give it a chance. [More...]

There's been a lot of negativity online about Hannah's selection, but let's face it. This show has lasted so long because it knows how to put on a production. They have built a story for Hannah, and the episodes will be scrupulously edited to show that story. Drama, tears, jealousy and duplicity are built into every season. You can also bet there will be at least one person everyone will hate. The more hated a person is on this show, the higher the ratings.

Looking over the 30 men chosen for Hannah, they all look pretty much the same to me. Cookie-cutter, preppy clean cut-types. Here's a video with them in their own words.

As for the former beauty pageant contestant herself:

Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Hannah, 24, attended the University of Alabama, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in communications. She went on to become Miss Alabama USA in 2018 and used her platform to help others. Hannah became an advocate for those suffering from depression and anxiety, something she battled with during her teenage years.

The travel locations this season are very underwhelming. Other than Santorini, Greece, where the finale will take place, they will go to Scotland, the Netherlands, and Latvia.

The Bachelorette has to make magic out of all this. Can they do it? We'll see, but by now Chris Harrison is like a member of America's extended family, and I'd never bet against show creator/executive producer Mike Fleiss -- so I'm going to predict it will be trending on Twitter every Monday night through the finale when we can thankfully say goodbye to Hannah.

If you are watching the Bachelorette tonight, feel free to comment. I'm watching on time delay so I can at least skip the commericials.

One final thought: I don't think I have ever seen two women's roles as different as Hannah on the Bachelorette and Kate del Castillo on La Reina del Sur 2. Hannah can't light a candle in comparison.

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