FTC Opens Investigation Into FB Over Cambridge Analytica

The FTC has opened an investigation into Cambridge Analytica.

At issue for the company -- and at the heart of the FTC probe -- is a settlement they reached with the agency in November 2011, ending an investigation that Facebook deceived users about the privacy protections they are afforded on the site.

...Among other requirements, the resulting consent decree mandated that Facebook must notify users and obtain their permission before data about them is shared beyond the privacy settings they have established. It also subjected Facebook to 20 years of privacy checkups to ensure its compliance. [More...]

I remember when the media reported a long time ago that FB had employees embedded with Kushner and Parscale at the Trump Campaign to show them how to use their advertising. Both Kushner and Parscale have been interviewed. I suspect (but of course have no way of knowing) they got immunity for their information so that Mueller could go after the bigger fish, like Cambridge Analytica (which while not really big, is bigger than those two) and Facebook.

If the FTC ultimately finds that Facebook broke that agreement, it could fine the company $40,000 for each violation.

Russian ads infiltrated Facebook. The New York Times had this report.

Facebook's CTO Alex Stamos is leaving Facebook, and according to the NYTimes, one reason is his disagreement with how FB handled discosure of the Russian ad infiltration.

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