DEA Chief is Latest to Resign From Trump Administration

Acting DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg is resigning. He has been at odds with Trump several times.

Law enforcement officials told the NY Times Rosenberg became convinced Trump had little respect for the law.

Mr. Rosenberg, who was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2015, is a career prosecutor. Under President George W. Bush, he served as the United States attorney in both southern Texas and eastern Virginia.

Rosenberg and the DEA have also disagreed with DOJ and Trump's insistence on going after the MS-13. [More...]

DEA officials say Sessions and his Justice Department have pressed the agency for action specifically on MS-13 despite warnings from Rosenberg and others at the DEA that the gang, which draws Central American teenagers for most of its recruits, is not one of the biggest players when it comes to distributing and selling narcotics.

Mexican cartels, DEA officials have warned, will use any gang to sell their drugs, and DEA leaders have directed those in their field offices to focus on the biggest threat in their particular geographic area. In many parts of the country, MS-13 simply does not pose a major criminal or drug-dealing threat compared with other groups, these officials said.

Which reminds me, I hope MS -13 character Skinny and his cousin La Nina survive on Senor de Los Cielos. Here's a picture of Skinny getting tattooed by the makeup artist. It took hours to draw the tattoos every day before filming. Here is the Instagram page for 7th Skin, the makeup artist for the series.

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    Resigning as protest (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by Steve13209 on Wed Sep 27, 2017 at 09:43:23 AM EST
    Even though it makes it easier for a Trump toady to be put into the position, I think resignations are the proper way for career administrators to show their displeasure with the Administration.