ISIS' Ban on Fighters Using Social Media

Last month, ISIS banned its fighters from using social media. It had done so before, but not so forcefully. Now it threatens those who disobey with punishment. Here's a good article, THE ISLAMIC STATE’S INTERNAL RIFTS AND SOCIAL MEDIA BAN, on why ISIS is going this route, from the Combatting Terrorism Centre at West Point.

ISIS has been gone from Twitter for ages. (Al Qaida-affiliated groups are still around, as are the Syrian "rebel" groups and the Taliban.) Telegram channels for ISIS official news (Nashir/Nasher) seems to change every few hours.

ISIS will be defeated militarily in Iraq and Syria for now, but it's not going anywhere except underground. It will return when it's ready. It's already spreading in countries in Africa and Asia. [More...]

I prefer reading ISIS's version of events along with the mainstream media's and the Pentagon's version, neither of which I have ever entirely trusted. But it's getting really harder to find since analysts and researchers seem afraid to provide links -- I don't want to read that ISIS released a new video of a training camp somewhere, I want to see it and then write my own report. So far I've been able to find almost all the videos and photo reports on my own, but it takes hours (since most of the accounts are in Arabic) and is getting more and more difficult. When there's something newsworthy in their reports and videos, I'll report on it.

In related news, the Afghan Taliban (which is not ISIS in Afghanistan) is promoting four new training camps.

My view: The U.S. is getting more and more involved in the region militarily. Our "special forces" are everywhere. It's a huge mistake, and a losing proposition. The U.S. cannot win a war in the Middle East, Yemen, and everywhere else. Unfortunately, Donald Trump knows nothing but what he is spoon-fed by by his hand-picked generals. He'll ultimately claim victory for defeating ISIS (which will be entirely false -- it will be the air-strike program started by Obama, and Russia and Iran that are responsible for its military defeat). And most importantly, the defeat will be temporary. ISIS will lick its wounds, reorganize and come back, sooner rather than later. Al Qaida will become an even bigger threat. While ISIS reorganizes and Al Qaida rises, there will be revenge attacks in Europe and probably a few in the U.S., by the lone and looney wolves they inspire.

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