El Chapo: The Non-Daughter and Non-Lawyer

How annoying for El Chapo's wife Emma and El Chapo that this young woman keeps showing up at court appearances claiming to be El Chapo's daughter and talking to media about how she misses her dad, when the family says he doesn't recognize her and has never lived with her or spent time with her. Her birth certificate shows someone else as her father. El Chapo has denied he's her father. She's been around a while with her claims, many of which have been proven false. Could she be a daughter of El Chapo? Yes. Could she be one that has spent time with him or anyone in the family and is recognized by him? Unlikely, given the number of El Chapo's close relatives who deny it.

Another person not to give credence to: José Luis González Meza, 73 year old histrionic activist-lawyer from Mexico who attends court appearances gets himself on the media with things like asking Trump to send El Chapo back to Mexico. He does not represent El Chapo. [More...]

He doesn't know him and he hasn't been paid by him. El Chapo and his real lawyers said Gonzalez-Mesa filed an Amparo for him without El Chapo's approval. He and another lawyer were fined for filing the petition for falsely stating they represented El Chapo. These are El Chapo's recognized lawyers in Mexico:

[The] attorneys registered by the leader of the Sinaloa cartel are four: José Refugio Rodríguez Núñez, Cynthia Castillo Castillo, Carlos Castillo Castillo and Alejandro Granados; In addition "is asking for the signature for a fifth lawyer named Jorge Olmos Fuentes."

"Mr. José Luis González Meza is at no time being authorized by (Joaquín Guzmán), nor have we registered him in any amparo proceedings, as he is sustaining it," he said. Added the official while questioning how the lawyer Gonzalez has a document signed by Guzman Loera "if you have not been able to see."

El Chapo has enough on his plate to worry about without people coming out of the wordwork claiming a connection to him for their 15 minutes of fame. The U.S. media should be more diligent in its reporting. Fake news is fake news, no matter what the topic.

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