Death Toll Climbs From Colombian Mudslides

More than 250 people, including at least 60 children, have been killed by the huge mudslides in Mocoa, Colombia.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has been in Moca since yesterday, and he's tweeting continuous updates. The heads of dozens of countries have expressed their condolences to the people of Colombia. Many have offered aid, including China. One country prominently missing from Santos' twitter feed: the United States. Where's Donald Trump?

What does the State Department have to say about Colombia in its website and Twitter pages? Nothing so far. [More..]

Although someone in the Trump Administration had time to confirm that Jared Kushner went to Iraq for a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Just Shameful. Since the U.S. government is too busy to pay attention to anything but the false facts put out by the man who sometimes sits at a desk in the oval office, I'll do it for them.

On behalf of all caring and compassionate Americans to the people of Mocoa and Colombia: We offer our support and condolences for your loss and your pain. We are thinking about you.

Maybe Jared was too busy attending to China's wishes to mention Colombia to his father-in-law.

One would think that SuperKush could take a minute to remind Donald to express some sympathy for Colombians, with all his other tasks, which so far include:

.... negotiating an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, helping oversee relations with Canada, China and Mexico and, as of this week, reinventing the federal government through the new White House Office of American Innovation.

What does Trump's state department think is important these days, besides Kushner going to Iraq? Melania Trump gave out an award. And from the State Department's DSS (Diplomatic Security Service) earlier this week: "Check out “Law Enforcement as an Instrument of National Power”

So many screws loose in Trump's Administration, so little time to find them all. He brings nothing but shame, embarrassment and an endless, arrogant display of nepotism.

Mocoa is an epic disaster.

Colombia deserves much better from the United States. Check #TodasPorMocoa, Grupo Ponalsar, Colombia's National Unit for the Management of the Risk of Disasters and the photos posted by the Colombian National Police.

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