All Four ISIS "Beatles" Guards Now Identified

All four of the brutal British prison guards of ISIS's foreign hostages known as the Beatles have now been identified. Here's an interview with the mother of the 4th one, El Shafee Elsheikh, identified a few days ago by the Washington Post and BuzzFeed.

All are believed to have been part of Amr Al Absi's group, a story I've summarized numerous times (see here and here) and who was killed in a US air strike recently. [More...]

Here's the story of the other two, Alexanda Kotey and Aine Davis.

Only Emwazi has been confirmed dead. Aine Davis is in a jail in Turkey, and the whereabouts of Kotey and El Shafee are not known.

In 2012, when many of the British jihadists got to Syria and were put to work guarding foreign hostages, ISIS as presently constituted didn't exist. The foreign hostages were later traded or sold to ISIS. As to the jihadists, many started with Jabhat al Nusra, AQ's Syrian branch, and later aligned with the Chechen Omar al Shishani who had aligned with al Ibsi and pledged allegiance to al Baghdadi and ISIS.

Several of the foreign hostages have said the North African ISIS guards (from Tunisia and Morocco) were the most brutal. There were also French and Belgian guards.

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