Poland's Supreme Court Rejects Roman Polanski Extradition Request

Poland's Supreme Court has definitively rejected the U.S. request for extradition of Director Roman Polanski, now 83, for a crime that occurred in 1977.

Poland joins France and Switzerland as countries where Polanski can live and work, free from the shadow of extradition. France has no extradition treaty with the US and Switzerland has already rebuffed US attempts to have him extradited.

A lower court in Poland ruled in 2015 that "the time Polanski had spent in jail, under house arrest or in custody exceeded his original sentence, and that he may not get a fair trial in the US." [More...]

The victim of his crime has long called for ceasing extradition efforts against him.

This was totally the correct decision in my view and the DA's office in Los Angeles should dismiss the case. He's been stigmatized long enough and he's already served his original 42 day sentence and then some. The State Department should dismiss the extradition warrant (the last one was filed with Poland in 2015) so he can travel freely around the world, and not be limited to three countries. He's suffered enough.

All of our Roman Polanski coverage is available here.

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    Polanski was a great director. (none / 0) (#1)
    by Mr Natural on Tue Dec 06, 2016 at 02:45:26 PM EST
    As Noah Cross said in Polanski's film Chinatown, "most people never have to face the fact that at the right time and the right place, they're capable of ANYTHING."  Words are cheap  Untested purity means nothing.  Self-attested purity means less.

    I've seen Polanski arguments go on for five thousand angry posts.  They restart every time his extradition hearings make the headlines.  For what?  No one ever wins.  

    I'm not going to mention names (none / 0) (#2)
    by jondee on Tue Dec 06, 2016 at 02:58:44 PM EST
    but there were a couple of fairly recently departed musicians who had well-documented "thing" for underage girls, as well.

    And then there's a certain very noisy and highly visible (alleged) muscian/marksman who was known for never asking to see groupie's IDs..


    An A-list director (none / 0) (#3)
    by jondee on Tue Dec 06, 2016 at 03:07:27 PM EST
    or someone who plays arenas who can't find an adult girlfriend, doesn't want an adult girlfriend.

    I Agree that This Should be Dropped......... (none / 0) (#4)
    by msaroff on Tue Dec 06, 2016 at 03:09:20 PM EST
    But I disagree on the suffered enough.

    It's clear that he's served his sentence, and that judicial and prosecutorial misconduct offend the conscience and call for a complete dismissal.

    However, I am not concerned about his suffering, just the rule of law, which has been ignored by the prosecutors and judges.

    that is the truly sad part about this (none / 0) (#6)
    by nyjets on Tue Dec 06, 2016 at 04:33:29 PM EST
    If the prosecutor and judge had just followed the rules of law, this case would of been over and done this. Polanski would be labeled a felon, it would have been a matter of record , and that is that. He would have a lot few defenders.

    Good (none / 0) (#5)
    by McBain on Tue Dec 06, 2016 at 03:15:52 PM EST
    Now let this be the end of it.  California had it's chance with Polanski over 30 years ago and blew it.  Time to move on.

    charges (none / 0) (#7)
    by Dredom on Thu Jan 26, 2017 at 07:55:40 AM EST
    They rly trying to dig it up again XD
    He is not convicted in poland anyway.