Terror Attack by "Santa" Clad Terrorist(s) in Istanbul

Update: New footage here. He wasn't wearing a Santa suit. The death toll is now at 39, most of whom were foreigners. The U.S. did not have intelligence about a specific threat, according to the U.S. Embassy in Turkey.

"Contrary to rumors circulating on social media, the U.S. Government had no information about threats to specific entertainment venues, including the Reina Club, and ‎the U.S. Government did not warn Americans to stay away from specific venues or neighborhoods," the embassy said in a statement.


The New Year began in Turkey with a terrorist attack at an exclusive night club called Reina. [More...]

The nightclub in the Ortakoy district of Istanbul is one of the most elite spots in the city, and getting inside past the bouncers who seek out only the best dressed is notoriously hard.

More than 17,000 police officers were on duty to provide security in Istanbul on New Years Eve. The streets were filled with their presence. Turkey has declared a media blackout on Reina news for now.

There were apparently two or more attackers with AK-47s (also called Kalashnikovs). Turkish officials say 35 people were killed and 40 were wounded. More from the Daily Mail.

This seems a bit odd. Yesterday CNN in Turkey reported and showed photos of law enforcement disguised as Santas who would be undercover providing security in Istanbul on New Years Eve.

The Guardian reported tonight there was one attacker and officials say he is dead. Witnesses inside reported more than one shooter.

The photos and video I've seen don't really look like the suspect is dressed in a Santa costume -- just a hat with a bag, which he drops at the end. In the video taken inside the club, the supposed attacker isn't shooting, I don't even see a gun. The guy outside the club who is shooting seems to be wearing a dark hoodie, not a Santa costume.

I wonder if the "Santa" label comes from the police officer who was shot outside the nightclub as the gunman entered. Here's the video clip. It looks to me like there's a Santa in one of the last frames who goes down outside the club. Here's the best screengrab I could get from the video.

Another Twitter feed has this screengrab from a CCTV video. It's black and white, so I suppose his hat could be red, making him look like he's dressed as Santa:


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    I appreciate that!

    i am very apologetic (none / 0) (#1)
    by linea on Sun Jan 01, 2017 at 10:55:17 PM EST
    to write this but i must ask (as the wine give me courage) why do you post such things? i realize it's news but how are we to discuss this?

    shall we descern who INSPIRED the attacks and then carpet-bomb the city where the cleric or religious leader lives?

    it seems the only acceptible response is to drop bombs on Somalia or Sudan or Yemen or some other place. im not in favor of such military options.

    this is the Goskomizdat of the modern world.

    If you can't understand why (5.00 / 2) (#3)
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    I write about ISIS, you should be reading a different blog.   It's not necessary for you to discuss it, but people should be informed.

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