ISIS Threatens UK in New Video About Paris Attacks

ISIS media center al Hayat released a video today of the Paris attacks. It has some photos that were in the most recent issue of Dabiq magazine, shows the attackers making statements (not together), has a lot of gruesome beheadings, highlights its encryption of messages, and ends with a threat to Great Britain.

I don't publish links to ISIS videos, so don't put them in comments. But I also won't say as do some arrogant journalists, "I watched it so you don't have to." If you want to know what ISIS is saying through it's videos, spend some time googling al hayat and you'll find it. [More...]

On a related note, my graphics may become less frequent. I may spend more time waiting for Photobucket to load than I do writing the posts attached to the pictures. I pay them for their enhanced version and it's filled with ads and loads and moves slower than any other site I visit. Every photo hangs when I upload it. (Flickr is also far too cumbersome, even in the paid version, so that's no solution. It's home page is also extremely ugly -- I hate to even log on to it.) There's nothing worse than an internet giant that fails to deliver, and charges you in the process.

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