Nine Drug Offenders Set for Weds. Killing in Indonesia

The frenchman on Death Row got a last minute reprieve over an administrative matter. That leaves 9 who will be killed and the date is set for Wednesday. The coffins are in and the mortician was hand-stenciling the date "4/29/15 into them.

Australia is claiming the judges were bribed to vote for death and it wants the investigation completed before the 8 men and 1 woman are killed. It's doubtful that would happen.[More...]

Please boycott Indonesia and Bali. There are beautiful beaches all over the world. There's no reason to give your tourist dollars to a country that kills non-violent drug offenders. Visit the Seychelles, Mauritius, the Maldives or Fiji instead. And please don't buy anything that says "Made in Indonesia." Indonesia can tune out our voices of protest, but it can't escape the loss of tourist dollars if enough people participate in the boycott.

Boycott Bali!
Boycott Indonesia!

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