Amanda Knox: Justice At Last in Perugia

It's over, for good. Amanda Knox can finally put this horrific 8 year ordeal behind her. Italy's Supreme Court of Cassation has fully exonerated both Amanda and Raffaele Sollecito of murder.

The supreme Court of Cassation panel deliberated for 10 hours before declaring that the two did not commit the crime, a stronger exoneration than merely finding insufficient evidence to convict.

...The decision to overturn the convictions without ordering a new trial amounted to a rebuke of another high court ruling two years ago that vacated Knox and Sollecito's 2011 acquittal, ordering yet another trial.


The Court upheld her slander conviction, but she has already served more time than the sentence calls for, so there can be no additional penalty.

The court reduced the sentence to three years. Since Knox already spent nearly four years in Italian prison, she won't have to serve that time.

Congratulations, Amanda.

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    Atlast -- (5.00 / 1) (#1)
    by Uncle Chip on Sat Mar 28, 2015 at 02:29:07 PM EST
    Some in the Italian justice system came to their senses.

    I will celebrate the acquittal and Italian return to a semblance of sanity with a day of Godfather reruns and a dinner of everything Italian -- and that includes cannolis.

    Heck I may even rent a Fiat for the day.

    karma's gonna get you (2.00 / 1) (#5)
    by thomas rogan on Sun Mar 29, 2015 at 12:43:17 AM EST
    While overturning the murder conviction, the court upheld a guilty verdict against Knox for the slander of Patrick Lumumba, confirming that a three-year sentence would remain. The term for that sentence had already been served while imprisoned on the earlier, now overturned convictions.[4][93] The remaining guilty verdict is based on a statement implicating Lumumba in the murder, made by Knox to the police after interrogations which Knox described as abusive.[94] This accusation against Lumumba was withdrawn after the interrogation and was ruled inadmissible in the murder trial but was allowed as evidence for the slander case.[95]

    She was awfully quick to throw a black man under the bus by accusing him of murder.  

    Quick? (5.00 / 1) (#7)
    by McBain on Sun Mar 29, 2015 at 01:04:59 AM EST
    I thought she was interrogated for days and physically threatened before implicating Lumumba? I thought the police repeatedly told her Lumumba was the killer until she went along with their story. Do you have information to the contrary?

    If you haven't learned by now, you should educate yourself on the phenomena of false confessions.  A skilled interrogator can make someone young, impressionable or dumb say just about anything given enough time.

    Maybe someday karma will get you and you'll confess to something you didn't do.


    I Assume by Karma... (5.00 / 2) (#11)
    by ScottW714 on Mon Mar 30, 2015 at 08:48:41 AM EST
    ...you mean an innocent person was eventually ruled to be innocent ?

    Other wise you just being a tool.  She threw a person under the bus that the police had placed on the curb, with a sign on his back that read 'Kick me if you want to go free Amanda'.

    What she did was bad, what they did to her was infinitely worse, and I tend to think she has paid for that mistake in spades, and then some.

    I think Karma also caught the previous justices/judges and the the police, none of whom  seemed very interested in finding out what really happened that night.  They wanted the American sex crazed nympho behind bars and shaped their investigation accordingly.  My opinion of course.

    Note, you posted something with footnotes, but not link ?


    karma (none / 0) (#12)
    by Uncle Chip on Mon Mar 30, 2015 at 09:29:06 AM EST
    She was awfully quick to throw a black man under the bus by accusing him of murder.  

    Uhhh -- No -- that was the police of Perugia, and unfortunately they went after the wrong black man.

    Who's accusing who?

    Early on, Lumumba had told the press that he was mistreated by the police and endured a brutal interrogation.

    You would think that his experience with the police would give him an understanding as to why Amanda ...

    As we know, Amanda endured an all night interrogation where she was repeatedly told that Lumumba committed the crime and she was told to imagine that it occurred.

    Shortly after the interrogation ended, Amanda recanted her statements stating that she was under the pressures of stress, shock and extreme exhaustion.

    Amanda's retraction had no influence on the police; they needed their trio of suspects to fulfill Mignini's fantasy so they rushed out to arrest Lumumba anyway.

    Not the most important thing (none / 0) (#2)
    by McBain on Sat Mar 28, 2015 at 02:52:03 PM EST
    but that's the worst photo of Amanda Knox I've ever seen.  

    I'm glad to hear both she and Raffaele won't have to to deal with this anymore. I wish the Kercher family would realize the real killer is already in prison.

    it's a screengrab from her first reaction (none / 0) (#4)
    by Jeralyn on Sat Mar 28, 2015 at 11:36:44 PM EST
    to the verdict, she's talking about how glad she is to have her life back, and she hasn't yet processed it all. Her mother is in it too. There were no "flattering" pics in the video. I think it captures how overwhelming this has been for her.

    I dunno what photo others are looking at. (5.00 / 1) (#13)
    by Mr Natural on Mon Mar 30, 2015 at 10:22:11 AM EST
    To me it appears that she has processed it.  She hasn't broken into OJ-esque public displays of overacted jubilation.  But the joy / relief is clearly written on her face.

    It's not only ironic, it's sexist, that on the day she's judged innocent of murder, opinionators casually judge her on her appearance.  What a world.


    I Think More Like... (none / 0) (#14)
    by ScottW714 on Mon Mar 30, 2015 at 11:28:19 AM EST
    ...how every recent day president looks like they were ran through the the ringer when they leave office, she was run through the ringer, no doubt.

    I think there is a difference in noticing someone has 'aged' or a picture is unflattering than actually judging them on their appearance, which no one is doing in this thread.


    I think it does too (none / 0) (#6)
    by McBain on Sun Mar 29, 2015 at 12:52:36 AM EST
    You can tell she wasn't sure what the verdict was going to be.  

    Any idea how Italy is reacting to this?


    reaction (none / 0) (#8)
    by Uncle Chip on Sun Mar 29, 2015 at 08:47:16 AM EST
    The murderer of Meredith is already out on work release after having served 7 years of an initial 30 year sentence.

    Guede's sentence was reduced from 30yrs to 24yrs and then to 16yrs partially in return for his statements that allowed them to arrest Knox and Sollecito as being part of the crime.

    Now with Knox and Sollecito out of the mix, Italy, the Kercher family, and the London tabloids are left with the fact that their obsessive compulsive effort to "Get Knox" came at the expense of keeping the real murderer behind bars.

    Thanks to their OC disorder the killer now walks among them on work release 8 hours a day.

    One of the symptoms of this OC disorder is denial and flights of fantasy.

    They refuse to give up on their claim that it took two to kill Kercher that night -- one to hold her down as the other wielded the knife and then took a dump.

    So they are all now lamenting about how they will ever now find this second killer so many years later.

    Maybe the place to look for this killer is in their work release program. There's a guy there laughing at them behind their backs. They all got played by him and they can't come to grips with it, and soon he will be free as a bird.


    After I dug into the facts of the case.... (none / 0) (#3)
    by magster on Sat Mar 28, 2015 at 04:15:35 PM EST
    to see what all the hubbub was about a couple years ago, it was obvious what a dog bleep case this was and that they already had the confessed murderer in jail. Too bad she did the slander thing though -- that was not good.