Dershowitz Goes to War Against Jane Doe #3

Update: Jane Doe #3's lawyers fight back. They have filed a defamation lawsuit against Alan Dershowitz. The complaint is here.


Alan Dershowitz filed a motion to intervene in the victims rights lawsuit of Jane Does 1, 2 and 3 today. I have uploaded it here.

He also filed an affidavit emphatically denying the allegations and explaining why they could not be true. In it, he calls Virginia Roberts (aka Jane Doe #3 and 102) a "serial liar" and says her lawyers knew she was a serial liar but put her false allegations in the pleading anyway, for the purpose of having the media pick up on them. You can read the affidavit here. [More...]

From the Affidavit:

They would also have learned, if they did not already know, that Jane Doe #3 is a serial liar, whose uncorrobrated word should never be credited. She has claimed to have been with former President Clinton on Mr. Epstein’s island. She has provided specific and detailed information about Mr. Clinton’s activities on the island. Yet, on information and belief, I have been advised that Secret Service records would confirm that President Clinton has never set foot on that island. It has also been reported that she told her father that she met Queen Elizabeth. On information and belief, a check of the records of Buckingham Palace would disclose that Jane Doe #3 lied to her father about such a visit.

On information and belief, she has also told lies about many world leaders. Finally, on information and belief, the State Attorney in Palm Beach County dropped a case that she sought to bring based on an assessment by the investigating detective regarding the “victim’s lack of credibility.” A copy of the letter reflecting this decision was forwarded to central records. Her lawyers knew or should have known about her history of lying and her utter lack of credibility before filing an allegedly privileged legal statement that asserts false and defamatory information about a fellow lawyer based on her word alone.

They placed it in a legal proceeding, in a public filing, in bad faith in an effort to have the media report it, while they attempt to hide behind claims of litigation and journalistic privilege. I believe and allege that their bad faith purpose was to have this false charge made public, while attempting to deny me any legal recourse. There is no realistic possibility that this pre-New Year’s filing would have been picked up by the media had they or someone on their behalf not deliberately alerted the media to its existence

....Again, let me assert categorically, without reservation and with full awareness of the risks of perjury, that I did not ever, under any circumstances, have any sexual contact of any kind with Jane Doe #3.

Dershowitz's lawyers are former Florida U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey and Thomas Scott.

It is interesting that he included the falsity of her claims to have met Clinton because Roberts has not accused Clinton of misconduct. In fact, in her interviews, she went out of her way to say the subject of sexual activity never came up during the dinner they had and he didn't seem interested in any of the females. She also says she met Al and Tipper Gore and former Sen. George Mitchell when they stayed with Jeffrey Epstein and nothing inappropriate happened with them either. Same for Donald Trump.

‘The Gores seemed like a beautiful couple when I met them. All I knew was that Mr Gore was a friend of Jeffrey’s and Ghislaine’s. Jeffrey didn’t ask me to give him a massage.

‘There might have been a couple of other girls there on that trip but I could never have imagined this guy would do anything wrong. I was planning to vote for him when I turned 18. I thought he was awesome.’

Virginia said that yet another American liberal icon, President Obama’s Middle East peace envoy Senator George Mitchell, frequently visited Epstein’s New York residence. Mr Mitchell, aged 77 – who previously led America’s Northern Ireland peace initiative – ‘was very close to Jeffrey,’ Virginia recalled. ‘He is very clean-cut. You wouldn’t think of him being part of Jeffrey’s crew.’

Dershowitz also says that Roberts' lawyer's claim they offered to depose him on his activities is false. They once asked him if he'd agree to be deposed about Epstein's activities (not his), which of course he couldn't do since any information about Epstein would be privileged, and they never pursued it.

Dershowitz does not describe his role in Epstein's legal representation or the dates of his representation. Nor does he address the lawyers' allegations (which in my personal view are grasping at straws) that his motive in pursuing immunity from prosecution for Epstein's co-conspirators in the non-prosecution agreement was to ensure he couldn't be be prosecuted as a co-conspirator.

As I wrote in my earlier post, the judge in this case rejected a motion to intervene by a former AUSA who claimed false accusations were made against him in pleadings by Roberts' lawyers. Dershowitz in his motion distinguishes his case from that one. I opined in my post:

No wonder the Jane Doe lawyers feel so empowered. It's like Rule 11 doesn't exist in the Southern District of Florida.

Dershowitz writes:

Apparently, counsel for Plaintiffs have taken this Court’s order denying intervention as to [former AUSA] Mr. Reinhart to mean that defamatory and unsupportable allegations can be made in court papers in this action with complete impunity.

He adds:

Counsel for Plaintiffs have scandalously and improperly published falsehoods, abusing the litigation privilege, as well as this Court’s rulings. But the docket sheets and courtrooms of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida should not be used as a bulletin board to which irrelevant, baseless, and ill-willed reputational attacks can be tacked up without consequence.

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    The best defense (none / 0) (#1)
    by Peter G on Tue Jan 06, 2015 at 08:18:02 PM EST
    is a good offense?  Apparently "Jane Doe #3"'s lawyers think so. They have sued Dershowitz for defaming them by impugning their professional reputations.

    wow, that's really something (none / 0) (#2)
    by Jeralyn on Tue Jan 06, 2015 at 08:30:43 PM EST
    thanks for the update. I'm going to add it to the post.