Imprisoned Drug and Paramilitary Leader Claims His Brother Killed Pablo Escobar

Former cartel and AUC right-wing paramilitary honcho Don Berna, aka Diego Murillo, who is serving 31 years in a Florida prison, has written a book. In it, he says it was his brother Rodolfo Murillo Bejarano, alias “Semilla,”, not the Search Bloc cop Hugo Aguilar who fired the shot that killed Pablo Escobar.

Berna was one of the leaders of the Pepes (Persecuted by Pablo Escobar). Aguilar has since been sentenced to 9 years in prison for his ties to the AUC. [More...]

The article says the Pepes were funded by "the mafia." Most believe it was funded by It the Cali Cartel. Fidel Castano Brown was also a founder of the Pepes, although he denied in later years having anything to do with the Search Bloc or killing Escobar. Here's a good article by Gerardo Reyes.

Berna isn't the first to claim the Pepes, not the Search Bloc, killed Escobar.

The story and declassified documents on the Pepes are here. The 1993 "Tangled Web" cable is here.

Last year Don Berna made headlines when he claimed the AUC contributed $1 million to Alvaro Uribe's 2002 presidential campaign.

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