"El Chino Antrax" Extradited to San Diego

"El Chino" Antrax, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, has arrived in San Diego from the Netherlands via Con Air. He will be arraigned today in federal court.

The young, flashy alleged "sicario" for Sinaloa (Zambada) and logistics coordinator (El Chapo Guzman) is charged with conspiracy to distribute more than 5 kilograms of cocaine, more than 500 grams of meth and more than 100 kilograms of marijuana. He is not charged with any crimes of violence.

His case is related to the case of Serafin Zambada-Ortiz, youngest son of Ismael Zambada-Garcia and brother of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, according to the court docket, but it may just be they were both intercepted on the same wiretap.[More...]

El Chino Antrax' indictment was returned by the grand jury on December 20, 2013. He was caught at the airport in Amsterdam and the U.S. sought his extradition, which was granted in May. Serafin was charged in November, 2013 with conspiracy to distribute more than 5 kilograms of cocaine and more than 500 grams of meth. His case is related to a multi-defendant wiretap case in San Diego.

In May, 2014, the mother of one of El Chino Antrax's children, Yuriana Castillo-Torres, was kidnapped and killed in Mexico.

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