El Capo 3 Update

My posts all week seem mostly drug-related, even more so than usual. It may be because of work, or it may be the result of spending two hours a night watching El Capo 3 and La Viuda Negra. El Capo 3 actually takes more time, because the station comes in so weakly, even with an amplified antenna, I end up re-watching it online afterwards, courtesy of some sites in Pakistan, South America or Europe. [More...]

There are still no subtitles or captions in any language for El Capo 3. When the show began, I would have 6 or 8 questions after watching each episode. But my Spanish comprehension must be improving, as I just wrote a long recap of the last two episodes and I only had about 2 or 3 questions for each.

In all, there will be about 90 episodes of El Capo 3. [Added: Did we get gypped? There were only 57.) They just aired episode 34, but if you want to watch, Mundofox has the first 26 on its website and on You Tube in HD. The You Tube version has captioning, but it's very poor. MundoFox also has 6 minute summaries of the episodes, up through last night's Episodio 34.

If anyone who speaks Spanish is watching El Capo 3, I hope you'll answer some of my questions, which I've listed by episode here. I put them on a forum so as not to talk about the show here every day. There have been 20 or more attempted user registrations every day since I started -- all of them spam. (None get through, because I've made registration subject to manual approval.) Not a single real person has tried to register.

As to why there are no captions, as I've written before, it's because FCC rules exempt networks who have been on the air less than 4 years from the captioning requirement and MundoFox began airing in 2012. The FCC is considering changing the new network exemption and is calling for comments, which you can submit online, start here. It is Proceeding Number 05-231. The explanation of the issue is in the the FCC's February order in the proceeding, see paragraphs 153, 155 and 157, or my summary here.

A big reason the rule should be changed is that many new networks, like MundoFox, are not start-ups but part of large conglomerates of established networks and the cost of captioning would be insignificant to them. Our local MundoFox network, which is available only over the air by antenna, KQDK, just sent me a certified letter responding to my inquiry on the topic confirming this is the reason. (I had no idea when I launched the inquiry it would get it's own formal FCC case number and require a network response. It's a shame all government agencies don't respond like the FCC to consumer inquiries and complaints. They responded by telephone within 24 hours and then did the paperwork, passing it on to the network. The network responded informally immediately, and then with a formal written reply.)

In case anyone is wondering, MundoFox and RCN are not paying me for all the media coverage I've given to this show. (They probably should as I seem to be the only person writing about it.)

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