DEA to Pay $500k to Tranlators for Improper Polygraphs

Remember the lawsuit filed by a group of contract translators for the DEA who translated Spanish wiretaps over polygraph examinations?

The DEA has settled with the translators, and agreed to pay 14 contractors $500,000. [More...]

The DEA polygraphers, however, asked the translators very personal and even alarming questions about their lives, including about their sexual practices and crimes such as b*stiality, court documents said. Twelve of the plaintiffs were told they’d failed their tests and two refused to be polygraphed. The company then told them they weren’t permitted to work for the DEA and were laid off as a result.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement also barred eight of the translators from working on its criminal cases, but it agreed to reassess their employment as part of the settlement.

The company that hired the contract translators is also going to be paying some money, and some of the claims are ongoing.

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    Lawlessness (none / 0) (#1)
    by Mikado Cat on Sun May 11, 2014 at 03:04:13 AM EST
    seems to start at the top and flow down. This settlement is nothing, 14 people and $500k after the lawyers take a cut, even before its only about $30k each and sounds like they lost a year or more employment. If nobody gets fired in the DEA, nothing really happened.