TRAC Releases Full Report on ISIS Mass Beheadings of Syrians

Via the Daily Mail: TRAC (Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium) and the UK-based think tank Quilliam have released their full report on the video of the black-clad ISIS executioner and 21 of his compadres beheading 22 Syrians that ISIS identified as pilots.

The report finds several mistakes in the video. It suggests that "Jihadi John" had a body double. It finds Peter Kassig was killed earlier, likely by a bullet. It identifies a few of the killers. [More....]

Personally, I didn't find any great revelations in the report. It provides no additional information on the identity of the black-clad executioner. The report is in 5 segments, and you can read them all here, but the Daily Mail has larger photos.

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