RCMP Update on Parliament Attack and Zehaf-Bibeau

The RCMP has issued an update on the investigation into the Parliament Shooting and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. According to the Toronto Star, saying Zehaf-Bibeau had recorded himself on video before the attack "that amounts to “persuasive evidence” that his attack had been “driven by ideological and political motives.” The RCMP statement is here.

The video is not being released, but the statement contains no such evidence. It says he obtained the knife he was carrying from his aunt's property where he had buried it years earlier. The gun is an old an uncommon gun and they are unsure of its origin. They believe he financed the attack from his own savings, when he worked for oil fields in Alberta. [More...]

Investigation is ongoing into communications he may have had with others in the days preceding the attack.

Also, it turns out he didn't tell his mother he wanted to go to Syria. He told her he wanted to go to Saudi Arablia. She released a statement to that effect, and the RCMP confirmed that she never told them he wanted to go to Syria. They say they didn't see the need to correct it before she raised it publicly. Why? They say because travelers to Syria may first go to Saudi Arabia or Turkey. That reason fails to hold water with me. The impression left by the misinformation is that he's going to fight for ISIS or some other extremist group. Now, that's in doubt.

She says she requested them to correct the error. They claim they didn't receive such a request.

I think what needs to be determined is whether he acted on his own, or whether extremists in Syria or Iraq had foreknowledge of his intended attack and provided assistance. If not, he's just a lone wolf.

Canada should have expected that once it announced it would join the fight against ISIS, ISIS was not going to respond with hugs and kisses. The only Western countries being targeted (and whose citizens are being beheaded) are those that have attacked ISIS. We haven't heard of any attacks in say, Switzerland or Peru.

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    by Jack203 on Tue Oct 28, 2014 at 09:13:28 PM EST
    Lunatics seem pretty upset about our stance against ISIL.

    Who would have thunk ISIL would be such an inspiration to the insane?

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    by CaptHowdy on Sat Aug 29, 2015 at 07:59:19 AM EST