James Holmes Wants to Change Plea to Not Guilty (Insanity)

Lawyers for Aurora theater shooting defendant James Holmes notified the Court today Holmes wants to change his plea from Not Guilty to not guilty by reason of insanity.

On March 12, the date set for arraignment, Holmes' lawyers refused to enter a plea for him, so the Judge entered a plea of Not Guilty over their objections.

In an order today, the Judge indicates it's not for certain he'll allow the change of plea. The statute says an insanity plea must be raised at the arraignment. However, it also says that for good cause shown, an insanity plea can be entered at any time prior to trial. [More...]

From the order:

The Court will give the defendant an opportunity during the May 13 hearing to establish "good cause" to permit a not guilty by reason of insanity plea to be entered after the arraignment. The Court will then give the People an opportunity to respond. After the Court determines whether "good cause" exists, it will decide how to proceed.

The defense has filed numerous pleadings explaining why it wouldn't enter the plea earlier. I think the request to change the plea should be granted.

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