Dueling Briefs Filed in Megaupload Case

Here is the Government's latest salvo in the federal criminal case in Virginia against Kim Dotcom and his partners. Here is Dotcom's Rebuttal. Torrent Freak has a good explanation without the legalese as to what it's about.

More interesting to non-lawyers is #kimdotcom's announcement today that Megaabox is ready for launch. [More...]

From a description a few months ago:

Megabox, the online music service that Dotcom hopes will put record labels out of business, is still under development. "I would think that in the next six months we are going to release the site," Dotcom said. He described Megabox as "very similar to iTunes" except that it operates in a web browser using HTML5 technology and "[loads] much faster than iTunes or anything else out there."

Previous reports have said Megabox will compensate artists through advertising revenue and give artists 90% of all earnings. Dotcom plans to work directly with artists rather than work with record labels.

Mega, the new file-share program is a big sucess. You get 50GB to upload for free, and it's really fast and well organized.

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